Thursday 9 February 2012

"With Pleasure."

So as promised I went to go and watch 'The Artist' and thoroughly enjoyed it! As you may know, it's a silent film, in black and white about the film industry in the late 20s/early 30s when sound was introduced. It's a relatively simple story line, but is well worth a watch! I found that I didn't miss the sound at all and was shocked when noise (apart from the silent film style music which plays throughout) did occur. Admittedly this film probably isn't for everyone, but it was a clever film and I found myself laughing throughout. If anyone isn't sure whether it would be worth seeing it (I too was umming and ahhing), I recommend just go for it!

I'm currently relaxing to the soundtrack from Matilda (yet another beautiful, funny, simple film I enjoy) which I recently acquired, and wondering whether my driving lesson tomorrow will be cancelled, seeing as it's still a bit icy and more snow is said to be on its way tonight. Hope you all have a good evening!

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