Monday 19 June 2017

Last Week's Shenanigans (12th June - 18th June)...

This week started off like any other week. A little boring and work-filled, with the only 'social' event being a trip to the cinema with Mat to watch Wonder Woman. That is an excellent film by the way, which is good because I was really starting to give up on the DC film franchise. While it's clear they are trying to be as successful as Marvel, they really weren't succeeding up until this point. But Wonder Woman actually made me want to wipe the past away and give them a fresh chance, I was that impressed. The idea that Wonder Woman has never had a proper film made revolving around her character before is very telling, I bet it's a big regret for Hollywood now!

The end of the week I'm not going to talk too much about. Because it was the start of a special weekend for me and I want to make a special post about it. But it was wonderful. And that's all I'm going to say.

I Read...

I Received...

- 'Ink' by Alice Broadway: Bought on Amazon (16/06/17)
- 'The Hunter's Kind' by Rebecca Levene: Bought On Amazon (16/06/17)

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