Monday 27 August 2018

Last Week's Shenanigans (20th August - 26th August)...

So, next to nothing has been happening this week other than another couple of days off before going back to work. I'm quite tired as a result, but have found time to read and do the things I wanted to which was nice! I've faced a few fears at work too and it looks like I have a clearer goal for development in my career, which has made me feel very productive! Also, I am going wedding dress shopping on 17th September! I'm so excited!

I Read...

I Received...

- 'The Silence Of The Girls' by Pat Barker: Netgalley (21/08/18)
- 'The Dreadful Tale Of Prosper Redding': Netgalley (21/08/18)
- 'Lolita' by Vladimir Nabokov: Bought (21/08/18)
- 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho: Bought (21/08/18)
- 'Hippie' by Paulo Coelho: Netgalley (24/08/18)

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