Monday 1 October 2018

Mini Review: Starfighter [Ch.1]; Hamlet Machine.

That's right. More M/M web comics. I really can't help myself though, and I liked the look of this one because it is set in space!

SOURCE: Internet
TYPE: Web Comic

TITLE: Starfighter
AUTHOR: Hamlet Machine
SERIES: Starfighter (Ch. #1)
GENRE: LGBT+, Graphic Novel, Web Comic, Erotica, Sci-Fi

RATING: 3/5 Stars

In an unknown time and place, there's a war going on in space and mankind has developed a system of fighting that includes two sides of a team. One person is the fighter who pilots the spacecraft and his partner is the navigator who directs the way.

Navigators come from higher society and are mostly seen as privileged and intelligent. Fighters are men that are known for their violent tendencies, skills in combat, and anger issues.

Abel didn't want to follow his politican father into his world and instead chose his own path as a navigator. He's gay and has always had strong desires that he's hidden...until he's partnered with his fighter, Cain.

Cain is unpredictable, violent, possessive, and very skilled at what he does. He goes through navigators faster then any other fighter so he's developed the reputation that he's impossible to work with.

When Cain meets Abel, he marks him and possesses him in every way possible unknowingly giving Abel exactly what he's been craving for years. Now the only question is, will their relationship grow to benefit them both in this time of war or will Cain's reputation and violent tendencies end up destroying Abel?

Overall Conclusion:
Elements of this definitely intrigued me - especially in the world-building. I loved the battle scenes, and seeing the war between humans and the aliens involved. It felt a little generic in this first chapter, but there is definite potential and my curiosity is certainly piqued. My problems came with the romance itself! I found Cain way too possessive and I really don't like to read anything containing uncomfortably dubious consent. That lip-scarring scene that others seem to love so much horrified me. I really hope that future chapters show me a relationship that I can get on board with, or a fully realised setting, or I'll be giving the rest of this series a miss.

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