Monday 22 September 2014

Last Week's Shenanigans: Graduation, and Wifi at last!!

This week has been quite busy compared to the last few, and pretty exhausting. I've come out of it feeling really happy and proud of myself though and I can't wait to share my activities with you guys!

Monday 15th: We had a bit of a lay-in, before packing up and heading back to Ashford in preparation for my Graduation Ceremony on Tuesday. We were picked up by Mat's Mum and went to his house first to see his family and catch up on some TV that we missed (seeing as we had no Wifi at the Flat). I had a lovely dinner there before heading to see my parents and sister! We had such a lovely evening in and I was so happy to get to see them!

Tuesday 16th: Tuesday was Graduation day! We set off late morning so that I could collect my robes and have my picture taken before the ceremony. I took a quick trip to Clarks in Canterbury to see my old work colleagues and it was pretty emotional. I have missed them all so much! The Ceremony itself was quite long, but I sat with everyone that I had known at Uni and it made me really happy and proud to be part of it. The whole day seemed to go so quickly and it felt like a bit of a blur. In the evening, Mat and I returned home to London (after a delicious curry) and we got back fairly late.

Wednesday 17th: I went back to work today, though still felt a bit emotional and tired out from the day before. To be honest, after Graduation, there wasn't a whole lot to talk about. I had finished reading 'Aristotle & Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe', which I really enjoyed! I probably spent most of the day cursing that our Wifi had not been sorted.

Thursday 18th: I had work again, though not before enjoying a nice lie-in as I didn't start till late. I really am enjoying working at Clarks in London, the people who work there are so friendly and have really helped me to settle in. Other than work, I made a good start on 'Carnival Of Shadows' and wrote my 'Life Of A Blogger' post.

Friday 19th: I spent a good part of this day living in vain hope that the Wifi would finally be activated. They told us it would be on this day but to give it until Midnight because they would probably run tests. we did. It didn't. As well as this, I had work again. The best part of the day however came in the evening, when three of my friends that I went to school with came to visit me!We went out for a lovely dinner at Cafe Rouge, and then back to my flat for a cup of tea and a chat.

Saturday 20th: An engineer came out today, and hooray! We finally got some Wifi! I mean it was only two or so weeks late, right? Still, we were happy to have it working and so I spent most of the morning fiddling with the blog and changing my address on important things. In the afternoon/evening, I worked.

Sunday 21st: A day off? Splendid! Mat and I decided we would spend the day in and watch a lot of TV, as we were both pretty tired. I decided that instead of a shower I would run myself a nice, hot bath. Unfortunately I soon discovered that due to the hot tap having no real power behind it, it's cold baths or a shower in this flat. It was still a lovely day off and I was sad that it went so quickly.

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