Thursday 11 September 2014

Life Of A Blogger: 'Where were you 13 years ago?'

This is a tough old topic for me, as I was 8 years old, and don't have a huge number of memories from that time. I would have just started Year 4 at that age so I would have been in my second year of Primary School! My goodness that's a while back! If I remember correctly, we had moved into our new house (well, it was new then) less than a year before so I would probably have still been settling into that. My main activities would have included:
  • Going to school
  • Playing in the garden
  • A bit of reading
  • Dreaming that one day I would be a fairy
Talking of dreaming, I used to be ridiculous when it came to daydreaming. My Mum and Dad would read my school report and it would always say that I was an intelligent girl but I never finished work because I was too busy daydreaming. It was at this age that my teacher got so fed up, she made me take my tray full of work home over the holidays to complete. The problem was, I was going away on holiday so I had to complete it in one day when I got home, which for a young girl of 8, was a very boring and stressful task. It definitely made me think twice before I started staring into space! 

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