Monday 8 September 2014

Last Week's Shenanigans: Moving To London!

So this week has been majorly busy for me and I have spent most of it thinking about or being in London! I am still settling in right now so here is a breakdown of what I have done. 

Monday 1st: As peak week hadn't quite finished I ended up working today. The shift didn't go too badly and to be honest, it took up most of my day. I was given a lift by my lovely friend Fliss again which made me smile. I made a bit of a start on 'Coraline' and it was nice to instantly recognise parts of the film.

Tuesday 2nd: So this marked my first day off in ages, except I still ended up being exceptionally busy with packing. My lovely sister gave me a hand and I'm glad she did! I managed to sort all of my books and DVDs with her help! After doing some packing, I filmed a video with my sister and I loved doing it! Bev suggested I start my own YouTube channel, but I think I should settle into London first!

Wednesday 3rd: So today marked my last day working at Canterbury Clarks and it turned out to be pretty emotional. The shift itself went so quickly and we decided to go out for drinks and a meal after closing time. As my shift ended early, I went out for a Frappe and a slice of cake with a couple of my work friends, then we returned to Clarks to pick the rest of them up. At my leaving meal, they gave me a card and some presents and after Fliss dropped me home, I had a bit of a cry.

Thursday 4th: More packing today, and I focused on clothes this time. It was a little bit sad to watch my room get barer as the day went on. My sister came home around lunch time and she brought her friend Sam with her, so I got a little distracted by their conversation. We had curry for dinner as it was my last night at home.  Overall, a good and productive day.

Friday 5th: Well today was my last day at home, and I still had more packing to do. It mainly involved wrapping up ornaments  and putting the last bits and bobs away. My Dad came home at midday and gave me a hand, and it took me the whole day to get everything done. In the evening, my parents dropped me off at the station and I took the train to Stratford where Mat met me. I arrived at my new flat and had a nice first evening in.

Saturday 6th: Today my parents came up to see the new flat and bring the rest of my things up! It was a really nice day, though I was a bit emotional! We also went out to a nearby tesco to grab some bits for the flat. We watched TV during the day and then Mat and I watched 'Hook' in the evening, a film I haven't watched for quite a while! 

Sunday 7th: Today was a pretty nice day, We woke up earlyish to wait for Tash, choosing to walk up to Mat's potential new job at a nearby Tesco with him. Tash actually didn't arrive till early afternoon and we helped her unpack a little before heading up to Westfield Shopping Centre to get some new work shoes and uniform. In the evening, we went to Chipotle for dinner before heading home and watching Game Of Thrones late into the evening. 

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