Monday 1 September 2014

Last Week's Shenanigans: Peak week at work!

I've been pretty busy working a lot over the last week so I'm afraid my post this week may become a little repetitive! Still, I had a pretty nice one and it went quickly.

Monday 25th: Still recovering from my cold, I definitely felt a lot better than I had over the weekend so I felt really good about going back to work. I got to, on the train, do a bit more reading and it was here that I started getting into 'A Discovery Of Witches' a lot more. Work was really good, it was nice to see everyone again! All in all, it was a nice Bank Holiday. I did also see Mat briefly in the evening, which was nice after recovering from such a horrible cold!

Tuesday 26th: Needless to say, I had work again today and it was very busy. Before that, I wrote a majority of my Top Ten Tuesday post which was enjoyable. I had time to do a bit more reading too so despite work, I was able to get a fair amount done. In the evening, I came home to find that Bev had nominated me to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, which was extremely scary as I have a bit of a phobia of water, especially being splashed. Nevertheless, I decided would face my fears and do it the next day. Oh, and I was very sad because our beloved Fiat, Phoebe, was sold to her brand  new owner and I am going to miss that car so much!

Wednesday 27th: Yet another day at work that included some reading time on the train. I was actually more pleased with my progress than I had been previously in the week. After work, I went straight home to get changed and pack for Mat's that evening. But first, I had to do my Ice Bucket Challenge! It wasn't a particularly enjoyable experience, the water was absolutely freezing and I feel like Bev got a bit too much happiness from throwing the bucket. I'm glad I did it though! After changing again and getting dry, Dad dropped me to Mat's house and we spent the evening doing a bit of packing and watching what I can only describe as the most harrowing episode of Game Of Thrones yet. Seriously, I cried. A lot.

Thursday 28th: Finally! A day off! As I had stayed at Mat's overnight, I spent the day at his and we namely watched more Game Of Thrones (finishing Season 3) and doing more packing in preparation for him moving into the new flat. We watched some TV too together, and I caught up  on a lot of reading which I was extremely pleased about. It was nice to have a whole day off together and not worry about doing much, especially as it would be the last time before the big move. When I got home, Bev and I spent the evening playing on her fantastic new Charades app, which was a lot of fun!

Friday 29th: A much less exciting day at work again today. I got really close to finishing 'A Discovery Of Witches' but didn't quite manage it. Not a whole lot actually happened today other than work to be honest. I did play Charades with Bev again which was fun. Oh, and some Workmen came round to finish upgrading the downstairs radiators.

Saturday 30th: Guess where I was today? You guessed it! Working! It's Clarks' busiest week of the year (or peak week) as all the children are about to go back to school, meaning I have a lot of hours but no time on my hands outside of that. I had a really horrible day at work actually and it made me a bit grumpy. In the evening I got to watch The X Factor and Through The Keyhole, two shows that I've missed in my life! I also finished 'A Discovery Of Witches' and made a good start on 'If You Find Me'.

Sunday 31st: I got a lift to work from my very good friend and work colleague which was nice. This time, I had a much better day and the shift went really quickly, meaning I got to go home quicker. Before doing that, we quickly popped to Tesco and I saw Mat on his last day working at Park Farm before heading back to my house to watch Doctor Who and more of The X Factor. I also finished 'If You Find Me' and I was pretty pleased that the book only took me a day.

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