Monday 20 April 2015

Last Week's Shenanigans (13th April - 19th April)...

To be honest, the week has been pretty uneventful, even by my standards! As I mentioned, Mat's brother came to stay on Sunday. All of us spent the Monday chilling out because we didn't really have anything else to do! We played games, watched TV (Season 5 of Game Of Thrones started!!) and I tried to get through one of the most frustrating books I've ever read! On Tuesday I started work again, and not a huge amount ever really happens at work! Mat's brother had gone by the time I got home. We did continue to watch 'Gotham' however, and started another superhero TV Show: 'Daredevil'. I really love Gotham with a passion, and 'Daredevil' is proving to be really good too, though a little gory. By Sunday, I had started reading the next book in the 'A Song Of Ice & Fire' series, so I've been working my way through that nicely!

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