Monday 19 October 2015

Last Week's Shenanigans (12th October - 18th October)...

I've had a really enjoyable week this week, mostly because it hasn't been entirely made up of work! On Monday I went shopping in Stratford with high hopes of assembling most of my Scarlet Witch costume because I'm going to London Comic Con! Hooray! This is hugely exciting for me because I've only been once and I've never Cosplayed before! It's on Saturday 24th October so I should have plenty of pictures for you guys next week. I've made up a good majority of it now, just a few final bits to go. I then worked until my booked day off on Thursday, which was both busy an semi-stressful but not terrible.

On Wednesday evening, Mat, Tash and I set out to go and see a production of 'Twelfth Night' at the Rose Playhouse. Anyone who knows me will know that it is my favourite Shakespeare comedy of all time and so when Mat said he was studying it I had to go! It is actually being shown in the form of a Gender experiment, so there are four different cast combinations: traditional, reversed roles, all male and all female. We went to see the Traditional, own gender version Wednesday, and on Tuesday 20th (tomorrow) we are going to watch the reversed roles version. The play itself was very well acted and I greatly enjoyed performances from all cast members. They did a smashing job considering the small amount of space they had to work in. For those that don't know, The Rose Playhouse is actually an ongoing archaeological project and if you're in London and a fan of the bard, well worth a look considering it is where the actors would have performed.

The reason I booked a day off on Thursday was because a group of my Uni friends (who I have not seen in well over a year) were coming up for one of their Birthdays to London! I was relieved to find that work let me change my holiday date, as I was so worried that working full-time would force me to miss out on yet another thing that I wanted to do. We had a great deal of fun, meeting at mid-morning and having a quick Burger King/Subway before spending a great many hours in the Natural History Museum (a place I haven't been since I was very young). It was a really enjoyable day out and it was so nice to see so many of my friends again all in one day!

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