Monday 26 October 2015

Last Week's Shenanigans (19th October - 25th October)...& London Comic-Con Haul!

So I have some very exciting bits and bobs to share with you in this week's post because I've been out and about far more than I usually am and want to share with you every last detail of the cool things that I managed to get on my adventures at one of my favourite places to go: Comic Con. But first, I'll quickly talk about the rest of my week which also wasn't too bad. It was a bit of a weird one because I only actually worked for three of my usual five days a week. On Tuesday I had the day off so that in the evening I could go to the Rose Playhouse with Mat and watch 'Twelfth Night' again, this time with gender roles reversed (so Viola, Olivia & Maria played by men and Malvolio, Orsino & Sebastian played by women). It was an interesting watch to say the least and provoked some pretty philosophical, serious discussion on traditional gender roles on the way home. All in all, success! For those that are fans of the Bard (as I mentioned last week) the Rose Playhouse is actually an ongoing Archaeological project that's being funded only by charity. If you're interested, visit their website and read more! Here's a quick picture of the highlighted foundations (it's currently submerged underwater).

So next up...Comic Con on Saturday 24th! I'm sure a lot of my followers will be familiar with this event but for those that aren't I'll explain: it's a huge great convention for the Nerds & Geeks of our community. Those that are passionate about anything: movies, TV Shows, video games, Cosplay, even books can come and dress up and have fun! The people I've met here are some of the nicest people I've ever met too. I've only been twice but I've loved both times! This year, I went with Mat and a group of friends and we all decided to dress up which was something we hadn't done before at this convention.

As you can see (or perhaps not, my costume was certainly not the most impressive)I went as Scarlet Witch from 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron'. I had a great time and got stopped for a couple of photos, though not nearly as many as my lovely friend Tash, who as you can see dressed as Elsa from 'Frozen'! I had a great time and it was nice to be in the company of such good friends for an extensive period of time.

After getting in, we spent a vast majority of our time walking from stall to stall and admiring all the things you could buy/do. As you can see we bought some delicious cakes as well as a whole host of other things (which I'll get to in just a second). In terms of the costume, some of them were simply amazing and I was bowled over by just how creative some people are! The costumes ranged too from characters from famous movies or TV Shows, from anime, from video games and even from famous musicals! If that kind of thing interests you, why not look up and see where the nearest Comic Con to you is?

Now for the best bit...THE HAUL!

Not the biggest as you can see (I think I bought a bunch more stuff last year) but I really love this haul for a variety of reasons. I'll go through item by item and explain just why I love it so much!

- Signed 'Once Upon A Time' Script. I'll start with the thing that I completely forgot to include in the main photograph so I've put a picture of here. My new proudest possession! I love this show so much and think that the cast do such a great job of making stock Fairytale characters be so much more complex. Some of my favourite actors and actresses have signed this script and I've read through it and found a whole host of interesting things: did you guys know that Emma Swan was originally going to be Anna Swan? Me neither! The script is the 'Pilot' episode and came from TVandFilmScripts.
The Scarlet Witch Pop! Figure. I adore these figures, they are so cute. Since my lovely friend Imogen gave me Loki for my birthday, I really thought I ought to start building up some kind of collection. Having chosen to dress as her, Scarlet Witch seemed like the next obvious choice!
- Power Bank. This wasn't something I actually bought, but a freebie that a kind lady handed to me in a great big CEX bag (which also included a fortune cookie, some cards and a whole bunch of adverts). I included it because it was nice to get a free one!
'Once Upon A Time' Bracelet. One stall I ended up visiting a few times was the Canvas Warriors stall. The shoes they sold were a little out of my price range but the awesome custom made jewellry wasn't and I think this has to be my favourite buy of all! I've included a close up picture as I've taken special care when choosing the charms: fans of the show will recognise the significance of an apple, a tea cup, a dagger, a swan a bottle of sun gold and a pirate ship. I absolutely adore this bracelet and seriously want to wear it every day! There were charms to suit all sorts of Fandoms too, so do check out their website and make one for yourself!
- Lucky Dip Prizes. Those two sealed up necklaces on the right? They both came from a lucky dip! I can't for the life of me remember the stall that was running it but I thought they were both pretty nice. One is a blue butterfly, the other is a cute amulet that has a picture of Bilbo Baggins from 'The Hobbit' films. 
- Jack Frost Tea. Everyone who knows me will also be aware that I drink a lot of tea. I don't really drink a whole bunch of loose leaf though, so this made a nice change. I had to rescue it from the cupboard as I have already had some. As it's Jack Frost (Rise Of The Guardians) inspired, it contains Rooibos, Marzipan, Almond, Papaya and Sugar Snowflakes/Balls! It's totally adorable and there's a ton more to be found in their Etsy shop: Beastly Beverages.
- Disney Princess T-Shirt. I bought a shirt from Tee Turtle last time I went to Comic-Con and I've decided it simply must become a tradition! This time, after much deliberation, I decided on another blue shirt but this time featuring my favourite Disney Princesses taking a selfie! I had such a tough time choosing and I'll certainly be purchasing more from their website as they have such a huge collection!

All in all I'm pretty pleased with myself! I'm so glad that I managed to go to such a great event with my friends and I certainly hope to go next year, possibly in May?!

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