Tuesday 20 October 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Wishes I'd Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me'.

My goodness, if there is actually a Book Genie then I could really do with his help because I have so many wishes! Perhaps I should use a wish to wish him into existence? I have to say, considering Genies normally grant three wishes, this one is being very generous. I'd better get to it before he changes his mind!

1) The ability to read a lot faster/have more time.

I've covered this before, but although I read quite quickly, I do it in short bursts due to the nature of having a full time job. I guess what I'd be wishing for is more time to dedicate to reading. Perhaps a few hours extra each day so I can sit down and properly read my book? I think I'd get through a lot more in each month and be much happier with my reading progress than I currently am.

2) Free access to all books.

Okay yes obviously this one is kind of terrible because Authors deserve the money their books make them. Especially as I want to be an Author too. However, I feel like my Bank Balance limits me when it comes to book buying! Perhaps what I should be asking for is to be a billionaire so that I can buy all the books in beautiful hard-cover and paperback version. Yes that sounds better.

3) More book space. I want a Library!

Seriously, if I could I would have an entire Library that spans a few floors, the kind you find in Universities and such. Like in Beast's Castle! It would have to have a Window seat and a ton of comfy Bean Bags and also tea making facilities and a chocolate/biscuit supply so that I can settle down in there for a day or two if needs be! Man, I would organise the heck out of those books too. It would be great!

4) Let me meet Tamora Pierce? Please?

I have a lot of Authors that I love and would of course die if I got to meet them. But Tamora Pierce is really very special to me. I mean, her series' I just couldn't get enough of. I went through a phase of reading and re-reading them repeatedly. In all honesty, she opened up my eyes to the world of reading in a way no other Author had: she introduced me to Fantasy, to strong female characters, to gorgeous romantic sub-plots that made me smile as a teenager. My only connection to her stuff at that point was a very kind friend who tirelessly bought books into school for me and my friends to borrow every day. I just...really want to meet and thank her.

5) Help me to finish all the series that I start?

The amount of unfinished series sitting on my read pile at the moment is ridiculous. I've got into so many and there are of course a small number that I've decided I won't read any more of because I hated the first book...but there are a heck of a lot of them that I do want to continue and instead of doing so, I just keep starting more series! Book Genie, help me get my priorities right and get onto them immediately!

6) Help the authors whose series remain unfinished...finish them?

I'm a great believer that Authors should be allowed all the time they need to finish a great series properly (though some do take this idea to extremes...I'm looking at you George R.R. Martin) but if it's a bit of inspiration they're after, or more time to get their ideas on paper or even just a holiday then Book Genie please grant it because it would seriously benefit us all in the long term.

7) Help me write more.

I massively enjoy writing as well as reading, and I previously mentioned that I want to write my own book(s) one day. I have ideas of course but can never find the time or the energy to set ink to paper. It's part procrastination too, not just lack of time. I want to get better and do this a lot more. Even if it just means practicing actual writing rather than working on anything substantial.

8) Please let me got to a Book Event soon?

Obviously the goal is BEA. But unfortunately I live in London, not America so that certainly won't be happening any time soon. I'm looking at some of the events closer to home, namely YALC or YAShot. I haven't/won't be able to attend this year...but 2016? Please?

9) Please give all the fantastic books with poor covers a makeover?

Sometimes, normally thanks to Netgalley or Author's requests, I read great books with awful covers. Despite the Author's best efforts, something has gone terribly wrong cover-design wise and simply doesn't stand out, or even worse, looks so horrific that no one would want to pick it up. I wish I had the power to think up a great cover, wiggle my fingers and BOOM! A brand spanking new, pretty cover appears.

10) Let me visit the worlds I read about!

There are some worlds that while reading about them is fun, they sound horrific to live in (once again George R.R. Martin, I'm looking at you). But some sound like a whole host of fun! Who wouldn't want to be a student at Hogwarts, or chill in Wonderland, or step through a wardrobe into Narnia? How about flying around in Space with Cinder and crew, or even seeing Prague and meeting Chimaera with Karou. There are so many possibilities and I want to explore them all!

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