Monday 9 July 2018

Last Week's Shenanigans (2nd July - 8th July)...

It's been another slightly hectic week, but things began to calm down again at the end and I think I can start settling back into a routine. I have exciting things on the horizon too! At the beginning of the week I pretty much worked non-stop and became very tired as a result, but Mat and I did get to go out to Central London for the afternoon and then visit our friends and meet their new kittens, Rocket and Quill! They are absolutely adorable! 

After work on Thursday we went back to see them again, and stay while the work on our flat was being completed. Then, on Friday evening, Mat and I went to visit his family and spend a few days there. In fact, we're still there! They are currently dog-sitting an adorable little girl called Polly which is a bonus! We also went to visit our potential florist on Saturday morning, so as you can see, we've been busy bees!

I Read...


I Received...

- 'Den Of Shadows' by Christopher Byford: Netgalley (03/07/18)
- 'Colour Me In' by Lydia Ruffles: Netgalley (03/07/18)
- 'The Darkest Legacy' by Alexandra Bracken: Netgalley (03/07/18)
- 'Vox' by Christina Dalcher: Netgalley (04/07/18)
- 'The Colour Of Madness' by Dr Samara Linton & Rianna Walcott: Netgalley (06/07/18)


Top Ten Tuesday: 4th July Special! Red, White & Blue Covers

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