Tuesday 4 September 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Bingeworthy TV Shows'.

This is a great topic for me, because when I'm not reading my favourite thing to do is to watch TV series! Mat and I have got through a ton of them, and still have so many more to go, but as it stands here are some of my faves!

1) Game Of Thrones.

This show is everything to me. I have to say that when I first started watching Season 1 with Mat, who was desperate for me to love it like he did, I wasn't wholly convinced. It wasn't until Season 3 that I realised I adored everything about this show despite the fact that it kills off the characters I love with careless abandon. The female characters are so strong, there is no black and white morally and political power plays are totally my thing. Also, DRAGONS.

2) Once Upon A Time.

I love fantasy of course but my favourite thing to watch is a good fairy tale retelling! And no show does it better than Once Upon A Time. Okay, so the CGI in this show is a little suspect, but I love the complex story ARCs and finding out who each 'character' is in the world of stories. Season 1 will always be my favourite but I think that every season brings a fresh perspective that keeps me at the edge of my seat. I'm so sad it's over now!

3) The Walking Dead.

Mat and I are in the process of watching this right now and are seriously liking it a lot! Zombies really interest me as a 'threat' to civilisation (I am one of those people who plans my survival during a zombie apocalypse) but it's the relationships between humans that make this show really special. Not one episode has bored me so far!

4) The Good Place.

This is a bit more of a recent watch, and very different from the kind of thing I usually enjoy. It's funny to start with, and would appear to have a very simple premise plot-wise. At first. But really give this series a go because once you get deeper, you'll find that it has one of the greatest twists I've seen executed in a while and it will completely turn your world upside-down.

5) A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

I am a huge Neil Patrick Harris fan, and his portrayal of Count Olaf in this show is everything I could have hoped for. I don't remember reading Lemony Snicket's books as a child but I do remember watching the film and being intrigued by the plot. Well this show expands on it marvellously. The hopeless tone of the show is perfect too.

6) Rupaul's Drag Race.

YASSSS QUEEEEN. Okay, so this show is just amazing on so many levels, for so many reasons. I am devastated that so many of the previous seasons have been removed from Netflix, and find myself eagerly awaiting every episode of every new season. This show is hilarious, provides a great insight into drag culture and has done so much for the LGBT+ community.

7) Queer Eye.

While we're on the subject of great reality shows, lets look at this amazing show next. It is so much more than just a makeover show, and I honestly feel that the fab five actually build real relationships with these people and change their lives for the better. I really recommend it for it's ability to build communication between the LGBT community and those that stereotypically fight against it.

8) Stranger Things.

I love this show so much! It was recommended by my sister, and Mat and I got through it relatively quickly! The Lovecraftian monsters are pretty cool, the relationships really cool and we are fully invested. A great show for lovers of the 80s too.

9) Gotham.

I don't usually like cop dramas, but I don't watch this particular one for the police side of things. I watch it for the origin stories of some of the most famous batman characters, including many of the notorious villains, Jim Gordon and of course Bruce Wayne. I've never liked DC as much as Marvel but I grew up with a Dad who loved Batman and so this show has me hooked.

10) The Defenders.

To be honest, what I really mean here is the individual series just as much as the actual The Defenders series. My favourites are Jessica Jones because I love the characterisation and Luke Cage for the best villains. But something about these characters coming together is AWESOME.

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