Tuesday 8 March 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Book Characters Everyone Loves But I Don't'.

What an interesting topic choice! I have to say, I do feel like this a lot! People seem to fall in love with a ton of characters that, when I read them, irritate me a lot! I've always thought it's a problem with me so I'll be interested to see other people's picks for this topic.

1 & 2) Bella Swan & Edward Cullen

From The 'Twilight' series by Stephanie Meyer.

Let's start with everyone's favourite duo from my mid-teens. The crazy love for 'Twilight' that swept the nation blew my mind, especially as when I read the books I found them nothing hugely out of the ordinary. My problem back then was with Bella, who to me was nothing more than whiny and boring. Seriously, she complained and agonized over everything. What kind of girl goes out of her way to get hurt/almost killed so she can hallucinate a guy? No one does that! Not to mention her awful treatment of Jacob.

Nowadays, I'm seeing more problems with Edward. His relationship with Bella borders on abusive and I seriously can't get over how much my slightly less naive outlook on life reveals about this guy. He manipulates so many of Bella's feelings throughout the series. He climbs into her bedroom and watches her sleep for goodness sake, could he be any creepier?! And, just like Bella, he is so mopey.

3) Tiny Cooper

From 'Will Grayson, Will Grayson' by John Green & David Levithan.

I really don't understand the love for this book at all, especially for Tiny Cooper. For those that haven't read it, the story is meant to be about two young boys who both happen to be named Will Grayson and their struggles with family, friendship and high school. Except the one character that they both have in common is Tiny Cooper, an overweight, very much un-closeted gay teen who completely takes over the plot. He perpetuates every gay stereotype in existence: loud, bitchy, annoying and adores theatrics and the stage. The problem? It felt like a step backwards in terms of books about sexuality because he was a character that no one will take seriously. That is why I will never read 'Hold Me Closer: The Tiny Cooper Story'. Why would I want to read the script that led to possibly one of the cringiest book endings I've read?

4) Malyen Oretsev

From 'The Grisha' series by Leigh Bardugo.

I have a feeling I won't be alone in this one actually. Not just because I see a lot of love for the Darkling, but because his treatment of Alina is appalling! I've only read 'Shadow & Bone' from this series so far, so there is room for me to change my mind but I haven't like what I've seen up until now. It seems to me that he's arrogant, selfish, completely oblivious to those around him and wrapped up in his own world. Definitely the kind of guy to stare at the mirror often. That's enough to send me running for the hills.

5) Tobias 'Four' Eaton

From The 'Divergent' series by Veronica Roth.

I see so much love for this guy, and I get that his back-story is incredibly sad. Domestic violence is not okay. In fact, I quite liked him in 'Divergent'. However, my view of him turned around completely during 'Insurgent'. Not just because he was massively hypocritical in his attitude towards Tris (he doesn't trust her actions or motives but refuses to share his own), but because I began to see a more angry side of him that could spiral out of control in the future. He was controlling and possessive in Book Two and I really hope he calms down again for the finale.

6) Twylla

From 'The Sin Eater's Daughter' series by Melinda Salisbury.

I was really stuck between Twylla and Lief for this series (I didn't think it fair to choose both as I did like the book and I have only read 'The Sin Eater's Daughter) but in the end I chose the heroine who just didn't win me over. Why? Because she had virtually no personality! When I read a heroine I like to see some spark, but Twylla was so resigned and moped around the court, inner-monologuing about how terrible her life was but doing nothing about it. Her lack of drive and inability to make decisions got on my nerves and I was actually relieved to hear that 'The Sleeping Prince' will focus on a different heroine.

I will quickly talk about Lief because everyone seems to love him, but did they not read the ending? I don't want to spoil anything for those that haven't read the book but his actions were unforgivable in my eyes. Not only that, but his constantly jealous nature really grated on me from start to finish. This is not a relationship I will be supporting any time soon I'm afraid.

7) Diana Bishop

From The 'All Souls Trilogy' by Deborah Harkness.

It's been a long time since I read 'A Discovery Of Witches', the first in this series, but I can tell you all what's putting me off of Book Two. Diana Bishop. Don't get me wrong, I began to appreciate her better towards the end of the book, but to begin with she was insufferably rude and irritating. Her refusal to use magic made no sense to me, especially when she then revealed that she did use it for things like 'fixing the washing machine'. What?! That's definitely something she doesn't need magic for!

8) Akiva 

From 'The Daughter Of Smoke & Bone' series by Laini Taylor.

I's not that I particularly disliked Akiva, it's just that I didn't really fully connect with him. I thought this would improve with time in the series, and I suppose it did (little by little). I thought he was okay, but I didn't love him. When there's a couple to ship, I have to be fully on board with both people or it just doesn't work for me. I loved Karou, but Akiva simply didn't capture my attention or heart in the way I wanted.

9) Remy Starr

From 'This Lullaby' by Sarah Dessen.

This is the only Sarah Dessen book I have read, despite her popularity. Part of the reason why is because I'm not a huge fan of romance books, but Remy is also a contributing factor. She annoyed me. I understand that she had a tragic life and it's hard for her to accept the circumstances surrounding her Dad, as well as her Mum's love life. But did she have to be such a selfish, spoilt, grumpy human in the process? Especially when Dexter was so adorable!

10) Gale Hawthorne

From 'The Hunger Games' series by Suzanne Collins.

This is a character whom I dislike, but can't fully explain why. I think most of my feelings come from the fact that he tries to make almost everything about him and Katniss. He constantly pressures for some kind of decision, and whines about it behind her back. Katniss didn't handle the Peeta vs. Gale situation well, I agree. But I would always choose Peeta because he's kind, patient and accepting. Plus, how can I ever forgive Gale for his actions in Book Three and the lives that it cost?! 

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