Monday 22 June 2015

Last Week's Shenanigans (15th June - 21st June)...

Despite not actually having anything to do all day, Monday ended up being quite a dramatic day for me. For anyone who watches 'Game Of Thrones', you'll know why! It was the Season finale! I won't give any spoilers away, but you should all know that I will probably never be the same after watching it. That is all. I worked on both Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday, despite having a pretty bad cough. On Wednesday, I went with Mat and one of my flat mates, Megan, to see 'Jurassic World'. For anyone who is considering watching this film I thoroughly recommend it! It had me terrified and laughing out loud all in one!

For the rest of the week my cough turned into something much worse and so I didn't work. Instead I did a heck of a lot of resting up because I've been getting ill a lot recently and I would like to try and find a way of being healthier because it's really starting to frustrate me. I slept a lot. On Sunday, here in the UK, it was Father's Day. I went back to my home town to see my Dad, spending the day with my Family. We had a curry and a lovely catch-up which was a lot of fun.

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