Tuesday 2 June 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Books I Would Love To See As A Movie/TV Show'.

Ooh, what an interesting topic! I have lost count of the number of times I have thought to myself 'this would make a great movie' or 'I could see this on TV'. I will probably have trouble narrowing these down, but let's give it a go!

1) 'The Walled City'; Ryan Graudin.

Quite a lot of the best TV Shows/Movies master the art of suspense and thrills. I have very rarely experienced this mastery while reading a book, but this one completely kept me on my toes for the entire book. I think it could work well as either a TV Series or a film, though may need some padding out plot-wise for a season's worth of episodes. This would definitely be action packed though and I just love the slightly Dystopian feel this concept has, despite actually being historically accurate.

2) The 'Daughter Of Smoke & Bone' Series; Laini Taylor.

This series definitely deserves to be a series of films. The books (forgetting my poor experience with the final installment) were wonderful and there were so many fantastic ideas in this story. Not to mention the fact that Directors could really go to town with the Chimaera design and I can imagine the Seraphim would look beautiful too. Honestly, I'm surprised that a ton of films weren't rushed out as soon as these books became popular.

3) 'Cuckoo Song'; Frances Hardinge.

This would be such a good horror film. While I was reading these books, I was surprised by just how creepy I found the premise because it is quite hard to make books scary. This one just pulled it off however! I could definitely see this turning into a stop-animation, dark film (similar to 'The Corpse Bride' or 'Coraline') but it could probably work as a live action film too. 

4) 'The Luminaries'; Eleanor Catton.

For me, this book was quite lengthy and took a long time to get to the point lot-wise. But thinking about it now, it would be such a good TV Series. The length and detail are certainly there, and there are a huge number of twists and turns to keep viewers interested and on board. There are so many elements to this mystery and I can see a really rich show filled with periodic fact, constant mystery and suspense, and a lot more use made of those star signs.

5) 'If You Find Me'; Emily Murdoch.

This would just be a really nice stand-alone film. It has a really nice plot concept, focusing on the lives of two girls who have lived in the wild with their mother all their lives until she abandons them and sends social services to pick them up. I can already picture some of the emotional moments of meeting their Dad, adjusting to their environments and making new friends.

6) 'The Three'; Sarah Lotz.

Although I only gave this book a mediocre rating due to the slightly confusing layout, I do remember thinking it would translate to film or TV well. There would be the epic scenes of simultaneous plane crashes at the beginning, followed by the discovery of a child survivor at each one, and the gradual realisation of those closest to them that something wasn't right. I love the idea of literally watching things completely spiral out of control media-wise, and deciding whether the whole thing is just conspiracy or if there is some truth behind the terrifying rumours.

7) 'Aristotle & Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe'; Benjamin Alire Sáenz.

Romance films don't normally bother me that much but I can see this one being a great one that I would watch. I really don't think there are enough that focus on homosexuality and if it was made, this could prove to be one of the most inspiring films of our generation! Likable characters, a bit of angst, teenage struggles, these are all things that people like to watch and I think this would make a lot of money at the Box Office!

8) 'The Lunar Chronicles' Series; Marissa Meyer.

I've said it before and I will say it again. They need to make these books into a movie series. Fairy tales are making a come-back, both in fiction and film, and this set of books is one of the best re-tellings I've read! It's unique and I've already figured out the potentially perfect cast, so all they need to do is make them already! I live in hope.

9) 'The Rosie Project'; Graeme Simsion.

I'm pretty sure that this book is actually being made into a film, so hooray because it would be a really good one! The book itself is light-hearted, fun and comical, but with a serious underlying message about what really defines us as 'normal' people and whether such basic, biased views on how individuals are supposed to act should exist in the first place.

10) 'Between The Lives'; Jessica Shirvington. 

If the plot was a little more padded out, this could be an amazing TV show! The plot concept would be great, a girl constantly shifting from one life to the other in which she desperately looks for an attempt to only have to worry about one. I love the idea of her trying to choose between the two, Ethan's character will probably break many hearts and then Shirvington even left room for a sequel in the long run, so this could run into potentially more than one or two seasons if it was popular.

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