Monday 13 July 2015

How Do I Make My Blog Better?

This is a question I've been asking myself for a little while now. In fact I mentioned way back in May that I had some exciting ideas I wanted to share with you all, but never got round to doing so until now. The thing is, despite continuously coming up with posts, taking part in challenges and writing book reviews, I've felt dissatisfied for some time. The problem isn't that I don't enjoy writing these things; I do! In fact I love it! The problem is that I feel like my Blog doesn't really have a whole lot of personality, or anything interesting that makes it stand out. Some of the best Blogs I read have really interesting discussions and debates, promote books, talk about events they have attended in great detail and do a whole host of things I don't do. I'll explain why:
  • I've been busy. The fact is, I have a full-time job now that takes up five of my precious seven days a week. I have to blog around my shifts, as well as do a ton of chores, try and read books and of course have a social life. It's hard to fit it all in.
  • I've been lazy. Despite the aforementioned hectic schedule, there's no denying that the fault is also on my part. I fall behind on posts all of the time, and I fail to try and sit down and think of ideas. Instead, I've become stuck in a pattern of doing the same memes repeatedly alongside the book reviews. Enough is enough.
All I want is for this Blog to become more 'me' again, rather than being a repetitive chore that I do when I can. Of course I love taking part in the Memes and that will continue but I also want to feel like I'm a part of the community more.

So how do I improve?

Well firstly, more discussion posts! I love reading them so much, why not write some of my own? I do have some ideas, as well some response posts to other discussion posts I have seen on Blogs that I follow. I've been holding these back for far too long!

Next, I plan to get better at Blog design. It's time my blog had a make-over I think. It has always been very basic in it's template because I'm personally a little naff at making headers and using HTML etc. If I can learn to do a better job, I'll think I'll be happier overall.

Book tours, cover reveals and blitzes are also a huge part of the Book Blogging community and up until now, I have rarely got involved. Not just because I worry I'll 'do it wrong' but because I didn't want to commit to something, only to disappoint. Well worry no more everyone, I am on the case! I've signed up to some sites and hope to kick things off very soon!

Do you know what else needs improving? My 'Shenanigans' posts. I need to do more things where I live. This one is hugely important to me because I live in London! I should be making the most of that and finding fun things to do so that you all have fun things to read about (preferably Bookish things)!

These are just a few ideas of mine but there is one more that I'm a little unsure about, and would really like to hear your thoughts on. Some of you may remember this Top Ten Tuesday post on my very own imaginary Fairy Tale Book Club. It had a lot of comments and was very well received as an idea. The books I chose I am so desperate to read too, and I thought 'Hey! What if I actually make this...a thing?'. People would have to be on board with it though to make it work, so please let me know what you think!

I guess this post really kicks of my Discussion post idea. What top tips do you guys have for writing a better Blog? Are these ideas good ones? And what do you think of a Fairy Tale-esque Book Club? Write in the comments below and thank you all for being such wonderful followers!

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