Tuesday 28 July 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Characters Who Are Fellow Book Nerds'.

Characters that love books are always the ones most memorable to me, probably because I love them so much too! It is such a nice idea to celebrate the fellow book lovers in books by making a list about them!

1) Hermione Granger from the 'Harry Potter' series.

I'll be very surprised if this name isn't on most lists today. Hermione is one of those bookworms that touches everyone's hearts and sticks in the mind, purely because she is just so clever! She was my favourite character in the Harry Potter series as I grew up, and I always told myself that if a letter from Hogwarts came for me, I would study hard and read everything just like her!

2) Charlie from 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower'.

It's been a while since I've truly thought back to reading 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower', but one of the most memorable things about Charlie was his love of reading. I adored watching his interaction with his English teacher, who suggested a ton of books for him to read and enjoy.

3) Tyrion Lannister from the 'A Song Of Ice & Fire' series.

This guy is hands down one of my favourite bookworms of all time. He knows his faults, and his handicaps, but he uses his intelligence and wit to counteract and overcome those obstacles nine times out of ten. I instantly knew he would be one of my favourite characters in the series the moment I first read him with a book in his hand. Thank you George R.R. Martin for such a wonderful character!

4) Matilda from 'Matilda'.

Matilda has inspired me since childhood, and was the very first bookworm that I ever read. I will never stop adoring this story, be it through book, film, or musical, because Matilda herself is a one in a million. She became one of the first relatable characters in my life and largely contributed to my love of reading now.

5) A.J. from 'The Storied Life Of A.J. Fikry'.

I could actually include pretty much every character from this book because they all love or are connected to books in some way. I chose A.J. though because he owns a Bookshop and probably has the most to say about his favourite and least favourite kinds of books. 

6) Liesel from 'The Book Thief'.

Though not the best at reading, Liesel's bravery when it comes to books is beyond measure. She steals them. These books that she takes, be it a banned book from a book burning fire or a Gravedigger's instruction manual help her to get through life and the tragedy that surrounds her on a daily basis.

7) Diana from the 'All Souls Trilogy'.

One of my favourite parts of this book was the very beginning when Diana is studying in the Oxford Bodleian Library. I really felt my own love for books and my desire to have a big library just like it creep up on me and plaster a huge great smile on my face, and that is why I chose Diana. I'm not only interested in books that are great works of fiction, I like reading books that help me learn too!

8) Sarah Grimke from 'The Invention Of Wings'.

It feels like an age since I read this gorgeous book, but while the main subject that it focused on was Racism, the rights of women were also a big part of the plot-line too. One such example of this was Sarah's ongoing battle with her parents regarding her desire to read the books in her Father's library.

9) Meggie from the 'Inkworld' series.

Meggie has grown up with a love for books and stories because her Father, Mo, is a bookbinder! She later discovers that her Father can do a whole lot more than that, and gets to live some of those tales that she has grown to love, but it's this initial love that made me pick Meggie!

10) Lady Isabella Trent from the 'Memoir By Lady Trent' series. 

Similar to Sarah Grimke, Isabella Trent is also fond of her Father's library. Her family, and society itself, also has a largely negative viewpoint on this but luckily she meets a man who shares her passion for reading and lends her his library for her to use. The books are mostly on the subject that Isabella is interested in of course, Dragons!

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