Monday 20 July 2015

Last Week's Shenanigans (13th July - 19th July)...

The week started off really well, as I went to Thorpe Park with Mat and my two lovely flat mates, Tash and Meg! Despite the fact that I'm not very good with a lot of the extreme rides, and I have an immense fear of water rides, I still had a fantastic time! It was nice to have a whole day out as a Flat together, and despite the recent closures and ride troubles, we managed to get on all the rides that we wanted too! The highlight was being able to take charge of some water cannons with Meg and splash Mat and Tash in the face after they had just recovered from a huge drop on a Log Flume. Very satisfying!

Of course for the rest of the week I worked, which was considerably less exciting. Oxford Street is getting quite busy now so I've been on my feet a lot, meaning I was rather tired when it came to Sunday. Therefore, I spent the day doing a few chores and relaxing which was lovely!

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