Monday 11 July 2016

Last Week's Shenanigans (4th July - 10th July)...

While in terms of actual activities this week hasn't been all that exciting, Monday turned out to be very fruitful for Mat and I. You may all know that we're currently on the hunt for a flat to rent together (our first 'home', just us two) and we finally found a nice one on Monday afternoon! Our offer has been accepted so we're just waiting on all of the paperwork to go through and fingers crossed, it'll be ours! I've never felt more excited for a place to call mine, and I can't stop looking up things I want to buy for the flat itself: kitchen utensils, cushions, you name it I've thought about it. I didn't realise how much I love interior design until now! Whatsmore, I have some very exciting things coming up at work which I'm super hyped about, but I won't say anything until it's all official.

Other than those exciting developments, not a lot happened. I had to swap a few shifts around meaning I actually didn't get a day off on Sunday like usual. Instead, I worked which wasn't a whole lot of fun. One of the ladies at work is leaving though so after our shift, we all went to a nearby Italian for a meal. The company was wonderful though sadly I can't say the same for the restaurant experience. Still, it was a nice night out that left me totally shattered and glad for a day off the next day. 

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