Tuesday 26 July 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Things That Books Have Made Me Want To Do/Learn'.

This is such a great idea for a post! So many books that I've read have filled me with a yearning to do something new or learn something! It's going to be hard to pick just ten...

1) Join the Circus!

I've read a few books that revolve around the Circus or a travelling troupe and I'm really intrigued about a life like that. The glamour, the costumes, the performance is just so fantastical and though in reality it's probably a lot of hard work I just think there are so many fun skills to be learned at the Circus I'd still love to try it!

2) Learn Archery.

I have always wanted to try out some sort of ultra cool skill and I feel like Archery would be so much fun! Whenever I play video games, the bow is normally my weapon of choice. I just love the idea! Archery is a pretty popular skill in books to so I had plenty to choose from when thinking which ones inspired this particular dream!

3) Attend a Magical School/University!

I will be very surprised if this isn't in a lot of lists. Basically every person that I know that has read the Harry Potter series has wanted to then attend Hogwarts school! Rowling just does such a great job of bringing the world to life that she actually makes education sound fun! Of course, the Harry Potter series isn't the only one to introduce the trope. Plenty of books have made me want to join some kind of educational establishment that teaches magic!

4) Learn to play the piano.

This is an instrument that I really would love to learn someday, and while that isn't just down to books, they've certainly helped! There are a few novels I've read that involve piano playing characters and I've really appreciated the characters' love for music, which mirrors my own.

5) Spontaneous travelling.

A lot of books come into this category but most of all, John Green springs to mind when thinking about spontaneous trips to random locations. Of course plenty of books make me feel that way, especially if they tell stories of faraway places I've never visited. I love new experiences, so it's no surprise really!

6) Learn more about History.

I was always a bit of a history lover as I grew up, but sometimes I'll read a book based on a real event that will make me want to research it in more detail. Especially if I haven't heard of the event prior to reading about it in fiction. My interest in history normally falls back to what is considered 'Ancient History' so it's fun to find Historical Fiction that piques my interest in more recent historical events too!

7) Go back to school.

This is so weird because while I didn't hate school, I didn't come to appreciate until it was almost over. Now I sometimes find myself reading books that make me want to revisit those times because I miss a large number of my old school friends that I haven't seen in a long time, and characters in book remind me of those people!

8) Horse Riding!

Oh who hasn't dreamed of riding horses in their spare time? Some people of course manage to live that dream and are very lucky) but reading it in books really makes it even more exciting for me! I love horses so much and I love to imagine having one of my very own to have adventures on!

9) Meet a ghost.

This might seem like a strange one, but not all book ghosts are horrid! In fact, some are really nice and I think it would be so cool to actually see and get to know one, learning about their past and maybe solving some spooky mysteries along the way?

10) Live in a small community.

Throughout my life I've gone from living in a large town to an even larger city, and while there are aspects of that I love, I think living in a village or little community sounds fun. Especially if there's a slightly tribal or pagan element to it, with fun communal celebrations to get involved in.

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