Thursday 17 January 2019

CHCCYA Fest [Bookish Joy Blog Fest]!

It's my turn to talk about Chadwell Heath Community Centre's YA Festival, and I am  so excited about this upcoming event! There are so many great authors joining, including Alice Oseman (excuse me while I cry with happiness), Gabriel Dylan, Chloe Seager and SO MANY MORE. There'll be plenty of fun panels to watch, bookish-themed candles, jewellry and art to buy and of course books! It looks like a ton of fun and I've got an extra special treat for all you lovely readers at the end of this post.

When: 12th May 2019

Where: Chadwell Heath Community Centre, London, RM6 6AS

Time: 11:00am - 6.30pm

In order to shout about this amazing event I've been asked to spread a little #BookishJoy and write a thank you letter to anything bookish that I can think of!

Dear Bookish Community,

The main thing I want to say is 'thank you'. I have always found it hard, in the past, to really put my mind to something I enjoy. This comes from some pretty deep-rooted anxiety about change, the fear of being unsuccessful, and about how others perceive my interests and passions. I first set this book blog up, way back in 2014, as a way of logging my reads more than anything. I didn't do it for followers, but for personal tracking and to give myself something to do that didn't involve sitting around feeling unproductive. At the time, I probably thought I'd procrastinate more and more with it until eventually I gave up on it altogether.

But it's thanks to other blogs that I stumbled across that I read for hours and hours that I kept working to improve my reviews. It's thanks to the authors that I read and communicated with that I decided to take my reviews more seriously and consider myself a 'real blogger'. And it's thanks to the Bookish Community as a whole, particularly those I've met on Twitter and Goodreads who every day ask me 'what are you reading?' that I have managed to keep this blog going and I remain excited about it every single day. 

So thanks for helping me to discover what I love. Thanks for taking an interest. Thanks for making me feel welcome. And thanks for the never-ending reading recommendations! 


Phew! I hope you enjoyed my little entry into this super fun Blog Tour I've been a part of, and I'm so excited to meet more of the Bookish Community that I love so much at CHCCYA Fest!

To all my lovely readers I have an extra special discount code for tickets. For 10% off of the already reasonable ticket price, simply enter the code YAFEST10 and to book tickets, just click here.

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