Wednesday 2 January 2019

My 2019 Challenge Sign-Up Post!

I succeeded my goal of not being so hard on myself with challenges last year. In fact, a couple of them I didn't follow closely at all. I consider that an achievement rather than a failure because I usually pressure myself a lot to complete or do well at challenges. This year I'm going one step further though, and joining in with a lot less challenges in order to give myself freedom to read what I want to.

I'll be using challenges to track results rather than create them, but there are a couple of things I need to continue to work on when it comes to reading habits (don't we all?). One of these is reading books on my backlist! Crikey, I'm bad at this. Novel Knights have given their Beat The Backlist challenge a makeover and it's a lot less pressure. I have a whole bunch of books to read, and I will be sorting myself into Hufflepuff because I can never resist a Hogwarts House challenge. I will also have a crack at both Bingo cards and see how far I get, but like I said before, no pressure.

I join this next challenge every year and never feel any pressure from it. The opposite of beating the backlist, the New Release challenge from (un)Conventional Bookworms records any reads that are released this year. I'm bound to read some, there are so many good ones coming out! I won't set myself a strict number goal, but on average I tend to read 10-15.

I came out of this challenge pathetically last year when I joined in, but I do want to get better at finishing/catching up with the series that I have already started so I'll try again in Celebrity Readers's Finishing The Series challenge. I won't go crazy - if I can manage even 5 series wrapped up then I'll be happy.

I am so excited about another challenge, also hosted by Celebrity Readers: the Diversity Reading challenge. I joined in with the 2017 version of this from Chasing Faerytales and was gutted when I couldn't last year as it really helped, so I'm looking forward to tracking this again.

And that about wraps it up! I'll also be doing the Bookish Bongo cards every three months, as usual, but I really want to read based on mood and not to fulfill a certain criteria.

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