Thursday 16 October 2014

Life Of A Blogger: 'Favourite Toys'.

Oh my goodness, I grew up with and loved so many different toys over the years. Being born in the 1990s also meant that I had many awesome, classic playthings! Here are some of them!
  • Cuddly teddies. Most notably, my toy Raccoon, Ricky. I talked a little about him in my 'Prized Possession' post a couple of weeks ago.
  • Polly Pocket. I used to have quite a few of these, my favourite being a House/Pet Salon.
  • My Little Ponies. I actually collected a fair few of these and loved playing with them (as well as toy horses in general). They looked a little different to how they look now but I loved them all the same.
  • Playdough. I literally loved this stuff and made so many things from it. I used to love the smell too.
  • Hot Wheels Cars. I wasn't just a girly-girl, I collected toy cars too. In particular, I used to ask for Hot Wheel Cars because I always liked the fact that there were so many of them!
  • V-Tech Laptop. For a long time, this was my only source of entertainment. There were so many great games and things to do on this thing that I would spend hours on it!
  • K-Nex. This was like the next best thing to Lego for making things. My Dad and I used to have a whole trunk full of it and work very hard on making huge models of Rockets, Ships, Cars, Ferris Wheels. At one point, we even made a Robot Spider that moved (though I got scared and quickly dismantled it).

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