Thursday 2 October 2014

Life Of A Blogger: Most Prized Possession.

Oh wow, I can see this being a tricky topic for some. I did have a good, long think about it, but in the end it could only be one thing.

This is Ricky the Raccoon. He's balding, his head is a bit wobbly, but I love him very much. I have had this teddy since I was very young, a baby in fact. Apparently, my Mum received him as a Birthday present in April, a month and a bit before I was born. When I was, it very soon became clear that I loved and appreciated this Teddy far more than she did, and so he was passed onto me. Since then, he has accompanied me to bed many a night, on holiday, on school trips and even to my new flat. Suffice to say, Ricky and I will be inseparable for the rest of our lives.

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