Tuesday 14 October 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Places That Books Have Made Me Want To Visit'.

This week's topic is one I have been looking forward to for a very long time. Maybe because there are a huge number of places that I read in stories that make me go 'I want to go there'!

1) Hogwarts (The 'Harry Potter' Series; J.K. Rowling).

I am fairly sure that The School For Witchcraft And Wizardry will appear in a lot of lists. Who doesn't wish that their Hogwarts letter would come through the window via owl? I certainly waited a long time for the invite that would lead me through the busy corridors, from classroom to classroom learning amazing things. And can you imagine the Library? Heaven.

2) Tortall (The 'Song Of The Lioness Series', etc; Tamora Pierce).

I have always praised Tamora Pierce, and her amazing world-building abilities. She wrote many series set in Tortall and I loved them all. But more importantly, I loved the world! The Palace, the Carthaki Empire, Sarain etc. were so well described and sounded like such beautiful places to visit and I would love to see them properly.

3) Inkworld (The 'Inkworld' Series; Cornelia Funke).

This was such an interesting world. I remember loving the front covers for these books because the world they depicted just looked so magical. I would have loved to have seen the world that Dustfinger lived in, met Bluejay's gang, seen the White Women (or perhaps not!) etc. Awesome books with an awesome world!

4) Misselthwaite Manor ('The Secret Garden'; Frances Hodgson Burnett).

When I read this book as a young girl (and watched the film), I loved the thought of running around this huge house. It's filled with secret passageways and many rooms to explore and of course, there is a beautiful garden outside to see too. It sums up the idea of an old Victorian House perfectly.

5) Prague (The 'Daughter Of Smoke & Bone' Series; Laini Taylor).

That's right, I'm not talking about Eretz. I've never been to Prague but it sounds like a beautiful place to go! I've done a bit of research and the architecture looks stunning. It would be such fun to hang out with Karou and Zuzana at the Poison Kitchen, see The Charles Bridge, or attend The Marionette Theatre.

6) Alagaesia (The 'Inheritance' Quadrilogy).

Okay, so under a tyrannical King this might not be the best place to live. But I would love to visit this place purely to see how beautiful it was! In particular, Du Weldenvarden sounds like a gorgeous forest (I am a bit of a fan of forests) and is of course the home of the elves! Who doesn't want to visit elves?!

7) Trollus (The 'Malediction' Trilogy).

I loved this book when I read it and can't wait to read the next one! One of the things that really became clear was that the City of Trollus, despite being surrounded by a deadly Labyrinth and residents trapped inside, sounds like a pretty cool place to be. It has gardens, libraries, and some very interesting residents.

8) Westeros & Essos (The 'A Song Of Ice & Fire' Series; George R.R. Martin).

Once again, not necessarily the friendliest place to visit. Yet the world is built so beautifully that I would love to visit. From the snows of the North and beyond the wall, to the beautiful meadows and cities of the South, then across the Narrow Sea to the scorching heat of Essos. The characters would be fun to meet too. Danaerys, Arya, Tyrion, Varys, etc. Of course there are some characters that would be best avoided I feel.

9) China ('Under Fishbone Clouds'; Sam Meekings).

I read this book recently and liked it a lot! It made me really want to visit China. There was a lot about the Culture and Myths in the book and it sounds like a graceful and lovely country to visit.

10) The University, Tarbean ('The Kingkiller Chronicles'; Patrick Rothfuss).

I love this series a lot. The world is built well, but in particular I would like to attend the University and learn Magic. The University felt like a more complicated Hogwarts and very much appealed to my slightly more mature mind.

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