Tuesday 3 November 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Debut Authors Whose Sophomore Novels I Would Love To Read'.

This week's topic turned out to be one of the trickiest because I'm not very good at starting with an Author's debut, I'm always late to the bandwagon anyway (I start reading when the Author has already had a huge head start book-wise) and the only reason that I actually managed ten is because I'm so behind with a lot of series. Oops!

1) Jack Wolf.

Debut novel: The Tale Of Raw Head & Bloody Bones.

I seriously adored this book for so many reasons. It was unique, chilling and a captivating read that ended up being the first book I reviewed on this blog. He wrote it way back in 2013 and there has been no sign of any other releases from this man since which is greatly distressing to me as I'm desperate to read more! If he ever chose to write a Sophomore Novel, I would snatch it up immediately!

2) Eowyn Ivey.

Debut Novel: The Snow Child.

What a gorgeous debut this lovely lady turned out! I actually didn't read it until a while after it was released, but still Miss Ivey has not turned out any other novels since. She's got a small novella out that I would be interested to read (Last Days In Hunting Camp) as well as two novels on the way, looking to be released in 2016 (Shadows On The Wolverine and To The Bright Edge Of The World) so there's plenty to be excited about! 

3) Jessie Burton.

Debut Novel: The Miniaturist.

Her first ever novel came out pretty recently, I remember reading it December 2014/January 2015ish. I was pretty shocked that I enjoyed it so much and I really loved some of the themes that it touched upon, as well as the small dose of unexplainable to keep me interested. No new releases as of yet, but she's listed two other novels in the works: The Muse and Belonging. I eagerly await them both!

4) S.C. Green.

Debut Novel: The Sunken.

Writing about this author breaks my heart a little because I've heard so little in the way of news about a sequel to her first book. She as released a tiny novella, The Court Of The Litterfey which I would love to give a read but what I'm really waiting for is the next installment of the Engine Ward series, The Gauge War. Perhaps I should start another Steampunk series while I wait?

5) Danielle L. Jensen.

Debut Novel: Stolen Songbird.

This one is entirely my fault. Her sequel, Hidden Huntress has been out for a fair few months now and I simply haven't got round to picking it up yet. I want to more than anything because I miss all of the characters that I met in Book One! It's just a matter of catching up, as it always seems to be in my case.

6) Ilka Tampke.

Debut Novel: Skin.

I still haven't quite got over the buzz and events I attended regarding her debut novel. I've read a lot of Historical fiction but very few authors tackle so far back as Celtic Britain and I must congratulate Tampke on doing such a cracking job with the era. As far as I can tell the next release will be the second book, but very little news has reached me yet I'm afraid!

7) Graeme Simsion.

Debut Novel: The Rosie Project.

Again, this is all my fault. I've read he first book, and The Rosie Effect has been out for such a long time now. I even have a copy sitting on my Kindle waiting for me! Alas, I've been absolutely rubbish and haven't read it yet. I hope to soon as I have high hopes for another hilarious read with a good splodge of romance for good measure.

8) Susan Nussbaum.

Debut Novel: Good Kings, Bad Kings.

Regarding the topic of Mental Illness and Diversity, this was one of the most innovative works I've read about the US Mental Health System I've read. Told by a whole host of different voices, Nussbaum does a gorgeous job with this material. I want so badly to read another book by her but I've not even heard whispers...yet.

9) Patrick Rothfuss.

Debut Novel: The Name Of The Wind.

I promise that this is the last one that is my fault! Before I get round to reading the Sophomore novel The Wise Man's Fear I probably ought to reread his first book in the series because it's been so long between books! Of course I want to read The Slow Regard Of Silent Things after that too. Rothfuss' writing astounds me but I'm just a terrible procrastinator who is a little intimidated by the size of the books.

10) Katja Millay.

Debut Novel: The Sea Of Tranquility.

Romance is not often a genre I fall for, but this book was flipping gorgeous! It is one of the few novels in the genre that I have enjoyed, and I desperately hope that Millay writes something else in her lifetime. I've not really heard anything and her Goodreads page remains upsettingly blank. Still...I have my fingers and toes crossed because I loved this book!

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