Tuesday 24 November 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Things I Am Thankful For'.

I'm not actually American and feel a little odd getting in on the whole Thanksgiving thing, but then I am having a lovely dinner on Thursday in honour of it so I can hardly deny a themed Top Ten Tuesday can I? Besides, it gives me a chance to talk about things other than books for once in these posts. I have a lot in life to be thankful for and it's time to appreciate that!

1) My family. I don't get to talk about my family or say how thankful I am often enough in my life, so this is the perfect opportunity. I'm thankful that I have a Dad who watches the same kind of movies as me, and keeps a cool head when I'm freaking out about things, and is willing to be fair and firm in all situations and respects my privacy. I'm thankful to have a Mum who listens to my problems and tries her best to give me good advice, who knows when I need a cup of tea or a natter and laughs at all of my not very funny jokes. I'm also thankful for a beautiful sister who takes me as I am, brightens up my day when I see her and whom I am very proud of.

2) My boyfriend. This is an obvious next choice, because Mat is the man who has to do all of those things I've just listed and absolutely manages it plus more! I honestly feel so lucky to have had a whole six years with him (almost) and know we have plenty of years ahead of us. After such a long time he still makes me laugh, tells me he loves me every day, surprises me with spontaneous romance, supports my big decisions and wants to spend time with me. I love and adore him with all my heart and am thankful every day that I found and have him in my life.

3) My friends. I'm lucky because I have a few really close friends whom I have known for a number of years now. I don't get to see them much now of course, but when I do it's like we never parted. Of course I have newer friends who I've got to know in a shorter space of time and really enjoy their company, but I'll always be thankful for the fact that the friends I spent so much time with while growing up didn't just drift away.

4) My job. I know I complain about it a lot, but there are plenty of people that don't have a job and a source of income like I do. It's hard work of course but I enjoy it too, which makes me even more thankful because I think unless people are fully pursuing their dreams, it's hard to find a job that you love. Whenever I feel stressed at work, I always remind myself that things could be so much worse and instantly I feel so much better!

5) That I am comfortable and happy. Following up my previous statement, I'm in a fairly good position to live a good and happy life and I'm thankful for that. I'm not rich of course but I am certainly not poor, starving or destitute like other people in the world are and it's important I appreciate what I do have.

6) Tea, Chocolate & Biscuits. I guess after so many deep answers, I wanted to be a little silly, so I included three of my favourite snacks. I'm actually indulging in all three while writing this post (oops). I genuinely am thankful that these wonderful things exist because there have certainly been times where I think they've saved me from the brink of a mental breakdown.

7) Books. Okay. I couldn't resist.

8) My health? I know what you're all thinking: "But Katrina...you're always ill?". While that may be true (my immune system just doesn't seem to know how to stave off coughs, colds and the flu) I still think it's worth being thankful that I don't have to live with something far worse. There are people out there with life-altering conditions and terminal illnesses fighting very brave battles and every day I am glad that I'm not one of them.

9) My education. Not many people feel enthused at the idea of school, but I think most past students can agree that it changed their lives for the better and they appreciate everything they were taught once they are more adult. My secondary education was very important to me and I am prod of my achievements at University too.

10) My life. This may seem a bit of an obvious one, but thank goodness that I'm still alive? While that's true, I still have a future that I can be excited about and plan for, and of course that's something that not everyone gets to do. 

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