Tuesday 5 January 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Resolutions I Have For 2016'.

I had a feeling this week's topic would be along the lines of this subject and I was right! I'm not normally very good at making promises that I keep, but I'm determined this year so here goes!

1) Be better at managing my time.

This is probably the biggest problem for me and it affects my blogging time, reading time, writing time and a whole bunch of other things including time for myself. I work full time and that can be tough, so in order to be better at getting things done, my lovely boyfriend has helped me to draw up a schedule in order to use the hours that I have wisely. I'm really determined to stick to it and hope to achieve great things by not procrastinating quite so much.

2) Learn Japanese.

I have the books and pens and notepads a plenty in order to start this, but I simply never have. It's all to do with that time management issue I mentioned before, but it's really important to me that I try because I hope one day to visit Japan for a while and I'd like to be able to hold a good conversation with locals.

3) Write more.

I have been a very bad person when it comes to writing. That's sad because it's the thing I want to do in this world most of all, but it's the thing I feel I have the least time for. Once again, managing my time better will help but I think the time has come to make a real start on the novel I've been wanting to write for a while. That's still going to be a slow process, but I used to write something pretty much every day. I'd like to get into a pattern of doing this more frequently again.

4) Don't feel pressured.

I get very stressed out a lot of the time. I constantly feel behind with posts, like my reading is lagging and like I need to complete challenges. Goals are good and it's fun to do the best I can but I need to remember in order to continue to enjoy blogging, I need to stop pressuring myself to get things finished.

5) Go to the cinema and theatre more.

So many great films/shows came out last year that I missed because work tires me out a lot, and I kept saying 'not tonight'. I used to go with Mat all the time and we used to love it! Recently, we've gone together to see more things and I remembered why I used to love the cinema/theatre so much! I want to do that again.

6) Make the most of living in London.

My recent posts have shown me having such a great time in London, but considering it's currently where I live, I definitely haven't explored it enough. That's a real shame because I know there are a ton of great things to see and do here. My plan is to really make an effort to visit places in London more and have more fun!

7) Be tidier.

I hear a lot of stories of disorganised, messy men and their despairing girlfriends/wives. In my relationship things are very different. Mat is wonderfully organised and good at keeping things tidy and I am pretty appalling. This year I'm going to make a better effort to clean and put things away after using them.

8) Sort out my books.

The space under the bed is very quickly growing out of control. There are 4 crates of books (as well as the two shelves that are on display), and another huge pile quickly building. I sense that I'm going to have to really sort them out as I want to buy more but have no space for them currently. Yikes!

9) Try to be less anxious about things.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am prone to major freak outs and panic a lot. Mat especially has had to suffer through a fair few hysterical moments and it upsets me because I know I'm overreacting but I can't seem to stop myself. Anxiety of course is something that a lot of people suffer from but if I'm going to become more independent, I need to learn to calm down a little bit.

10) Continue to be more involved in the Blogging community.

This month in particular I've been much more involved in the Book loving community, especially on Twitter, and I've had such fun! I desperately want to keep that up because there's nothing I like more than making new friends. 

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