Monday 11 April 2016

Last Week's Shenanigans (4th April - 10th April)...

This week has been quite filled, especially at the beginning! I stayed over at my Parent's house from Sunday into Monday, and while they worked I got to see a really good friend of mine whom I haven't seen for a really long time. I've borrowed many books from her in the past but our biggest shared interest is Video Games, and so we played those for most of the day which was a lot of fun! It was so good to be able to chill out and relax for a while. That evening my sister and I returned to London together and she stayed over, as she had a training course for her job on Tuesday.

The rest of the week was of course filled with work, but this was more exciting than usual because I've been selected to go on a Training Course which will hopefully help me to progress at my job! I'm also applying for a position at a store closer to me so I'm excited to see how that turns out. It made me feel a little more positive for my future, at least for now. Mat and I both had Sunday off and so we caught up with Gotham which is getting really interesting, and watched more of Daredevil which is of course awesome! We just finished Episode 8 and are really excited to see where it's going to go.

I Read:

I Received:

- 'The Gospel Of Loki' by Joanne M. Harris: Present from Rosie (04/04/16)
- 'Fool's Assassin' by Robin Hobb: Present from Rosie (04/04/16)
- 'Crimson Peak' by Nancy Holder: Present from Rosie (04/04/16)


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