Tuesday 5 April 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Bookish People I Love On Social Media'.

This is a fantastic idea for a topic! I have so many people that I follow on various Social Media platforms for different reason and I love them all! I can't wait to share them with you all.


1) Jim (@YAyeahyeah)

Jim has been a favourite Twitterhead of mine for a while, though it's more recently that I've come to appreciate his contribution to the Book Blogging world a lot more. He frequently shares interesting articles and promotes the blog posts of others, campaigns for diversity in YA Fiction of all kinds, and is a fun guy to talk to. He runs two Blogs, YA Yeah Yeah (on which you can find the recently updated favourite Meme of mine, Six Degrees Of Separation) and Teens On Moon Lane which hosts a monthly Countdown (#CountdownML) and also has it's own Twitter (@teensonmoonlane) which gives a great list of both YA and MG releases to look forward to that month. Seriously check this guy, some of my favourite book recommendations have come from him!

2) Lucy (@LucyTheReader)

There a are a huge number of reasons that I love following Lucy on Twitter, but the biggest one is probably #UKYAChat. Every Friday, Lucy takes time out of her rather hectic schedule to discuss themes in YA Literature and promote the work of UK YA authors! It's a popular event in the Bookish community and Lucy does it really well, normally including some amazing Guest authors and thought-provoking discussion! Alongside running her Youtube Channel and blogging at Queen Of Contemporary she's probably the closest thing to superhuman I've seen around!

3) Rachel (@_sectumsemprah)

I don't have nearly as much interaction with this lovely lady, but I still enjoy following her posts all the same. Like me, she loves YA and normally has some pretty great Book Recs on her Twitter, as well as hosting #SundayYA which is a whole lot of fun! Like #UKYAChat, it focuses a lot on themes and aspects of YA Lit and the most recent topic discussed was Social Media, which is something I rarely actually see in books that are supposed to be about Teens.


4) George (George Lester)

I actually don't watch too many Youtube videos on books, mostly due to a lack of time, but one of the few channels I do watch (other than Lucy's) belongs to George Lester! His personality is just so infectious, which makes him interesting to watch and I love his recommendations so much. You might be noticing a pattern (I know I am) but most of his recommendations centre around YA and I've always found Youtube an interesting medium to use to talk about books! He also tweets at @TheGeorgeLester so if that's more your thing, then check him out there!

5) Sanne (booksandquills)

If you're one of those people who likes to watch Booktubers, but prefers a calmer presence on screen then look no further than Sanne. She's been using the platform for a long time and is well practiced at speaking confidently on her favourite books. Again, she mostly reviews YA but does cover other genres too and I find her thoughts eloquent and intelligent in most of her videos. She has another Channel for Make-Up & Skincare at derpinaMODE and tweets at @derpinaMODE and @booksandquills.


6) Cintia (reflectionofthebooks)

Bookstagram is quickly becoming an obsession of mine so I'll include some of my favourite accounts here! Cintia's is a recent discovery of mine, but I adore her photography style and all of her shots just look so clean! I actually first followed her on Twitter (@booksreflection) but I adore her Instagram account so much that I must share it with you guys. She also blogs at Reflection Of The Books.

7) Mara (bookmarauder)

I seriously love this lady's pictures. Seriously. She's into the same sorts of reads as me too which makes her pictures even better! They're really well taken and so pretty, so if you're a Bookstagram lover then check this lady out! She also tweets at @bookmarauder!

8) Femke (booksfemme)

I think you're all noticing a pattern here. All of these Bookstagrammers are just amazing. I really love Femke's pictures because she uses so many cool props in them! A lot of her book pictures involve maps too, which are like my favourite thing.

9) Abeer (lookingforabura)

One of the first pictures that I saw this girl post was Harry Potter related and I instantly fell in love. She has such great pictures, even including her E-Reader covers! Also, she's a huge tea fan like me!

10) Emily (blueeyedbiblio)

I love the inclusion of Book Shops in her pictures as well as what she's reading. Also, she has a Youtube channel which I like to watch sometimes! Emily's stuff is seriously awesome so I thoroughly recommend looking at her stuff.

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