Tuesday 26 April 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Bookworm Delights'.

I actually have a fair few things that I love about being a Bookworm, as I'm sure everyone has. It was pretty hard to pick ten, because there are so many great things about reading! I managed it in the end though!

1) Organizing bookshelves.

I did this recently with Mat to try and make more room, and I have to say it was deeply satisfying sliding each book into place and seeing how good the spines look side by side. There's something about seeing a row of books side by side just waiting to be read that makes me very happy and I look forward to getting even more space when we move house later in the year.

2) Browsing books in store OR online.

They are two very different experiences but I love them both. In store I can smell the paper and actually see all of the beautiful, untouched covers in front of me just waiting to be read. Book shops are magical places for every bookworm. I also like to browse Amazon for reads, especially to download onto my Kindle or grab bargains. Pre-ordering is a lot of fun too.

3) Reading a new favourite.

Every bookworm knows that feeling. The one you get when you've just read a brand new favourite book, and you know that it's yours to read again whenever you want, and you're a little overwhelmed because it's over but still so happy. You know while reading if it's giving you that feeling too. It's one of my favourite feelings in the whole wide world.

4) Discussing books.

Being a book blogger gives me so many people to talk to about my favourite stories, but I'm lucky to have good, book-loving friends too! We're all pretty interested in similar genres and it makes for a great discussion topic. I also love meeting people who turn out to be fellow bookworms!

5) Being inspired to write.

This might not apply to everyone, but writing is also a favourite hobby of mine and reading great books really helps with that sometimes. I love reading a Fairy Tale retelling and thinking up my own take on the story, or being inspired to build far-off, imaginary worlds myself! I've always felt that it's important for aspiring writers to read as much as possible.

6) The ideal mix of a book, biscuits, blankets and tea.

This is my version of heaven. I'm on the sofa, a huge fluffy blanket wrapped round me wit a plate of biscuits and a mug of tea at the ready. Chocolate too can make an appearance and it's just bliss when matched with no. 3!

7) Imagining my future library.

This is actually a very real hobby of mine. I don't just think about the number of shelves, how to arrange my books or whether I'd need rolling ladders. I think about window seats, writing desks, bean bags, maybe a children's section for the future. I've even started planning decorations and ornaments. I might have to start on the blueprints soon...

8) Shopping for book related bits.

I've already said that I love browsing for books, but I also find a lot of joy browsing Kindle covers, book ends, bookmarks etc. Especially on Etsy. I love Indie businesses and I find their products are some of the most creative. Illumicrate, a Subscription Box I'm signed to, send me some fantastic bookish bits and I always find myself browsing after I receive them.

9) Finding beautiful Hardcover books.

Mat and I are a big fan of Hardbacks, especially if they're Clothbound or Leatherbound. Classics are the ones we would really like to collect in this format and we already own a few really pretty ones: my favourite is a gorgeous green-covered collection of old Norse and Teutonic Myths & Legends. Gorgeous!

10) Being the book recommendation 'go to girl'.

This is my favourite. Being a bookworm sometimes makes you famous, especially among other book lovers. People that don't read a lot will come to me for recommendations if they want to start, or if they're buying gifts for bookworms that they know. It gives me a strange sense of accomplishment!

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