Monday 8 December 2014

Last Week's Shenanigans (1st December - 7th December)...

On Monday, Mat and I decided to spend an afternoon out and went to visit The Museum Of Childhood in Bethnal Green as part of his University course. There were some really fascinating exhibits there, and I even got to see a Doll's Cabinet or two, just like the ones found in 'The Miniaturist' (which was also on sale there). There was a really interesting and hard-hitting Photography Exhibition called 'Toy Stories' taken by Gabriele Galimberti too, if anyone is interested in that sort of thing!

The rest of the week comprised of work, though on Sunday I had a very fun day in with my flatmates and some friends for a small, pre-Christmas party. There were decorations, games and a huge roast dinner that made me feel very happy. Of course there was a lot of washing up too but we won't talk about that! I managed to finish 'A Clash Of Kings' (finally) and posted a review. Needless to say I enjoyed it very much!

Books I Reviewed:

Life Of A Blogger: Where I Live
Six Degrees Of Separation: The Narrow Road To The Deep North, Richard Flanagan

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