Thursday 11 December 2014

Life Of A Blogger: 'Non-Bookish Hobbies'.

So this week is yet another Freebie and this week I have decided to go for 'Non-Bookish Hobbies'. I do an awful lot of reading of course, but I thought it might be nice to talk about other things I enjoy doing!

  • Singing/Drama. Singing is (much to some people's annoyance) one of my favourite things to do when I get spare time/when I'm in the shower. I studied it for two years at University and really loved it. My favourite thing to sing is Musical Theatre, though I'm a big fan of soul music too. Drama for me goes hand in hand with this. Despite it not being my chosen career path, I would love to do it on the side, if I could.
  • Writing. While at University one of the things that I really discovered about myself is that I enjoy writing more than anything. I always knew that I was a fan of making up plot ideas/characters and even put a few of them to paper but I never made it an ambition of mine until I had finished University. It's part of the reason that I set up this blog! Writing for this is just as much fun as writing stories!
  • Listening To Music. I know this isn't much of a hobby, but it is something I do a lot. I have mentioned quite a lot that I'm a fan of Film Scores and they are my favourite things to listen to in all honesty. I have even been known to totally plot-spoil films/TV shows for myself by recognising a certain theme or element of music in the background score. I guess they just touch my imagination more than popular songs do. I am however a fan of many bands and artists too!
  • Appreciating Art/Photography. I am not very good at actually putting either of those things into practice. However, an activity that I really enjoy is browsing DeviantArt or Pinterest to see what pictures make me smile that day. I'm a pretty visual person, I like seeing ideas come to life. Whenever I get a new character or story idea I immediately have the urge to draw them. I don't though because I know it would come out terribly and I would end up more frustrated than previously.
  • Watching Films/Theatre. As I said, I'm a visual person. Films therefore are a favourite medium of mine. I know that many people that read this will probably much prefer books, and so do I for the most part. However, I try to view them as seperate things and appreciate both of their pros, rather than constantly comparing one to the other. As for the Theatre, that goes without saying. It just has so much power and I love nothing better than watching performances.
I didn't realise that my chosen hobbies were so creative and cultural. Here I was thinking I was pretty boring! 

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