Monday 15 December 2014

Last Week's Shenanigans (December 8th - December 14th)...

Monday I spent at home recovering from my small party on Sunday. In fact, it was on Monday that I started to feel a little ill. Needless to say, I still wasn't right on Tuesday so I stayed home from work and spent the day resting. That meant that I only had to work three days this week because on Saturday I had another day off! It was the start of a long, four day weekend which I booked off because Sunday (yesterday) was Mat and I's Five Year Anniversary, and Monday (today) is Mat's birthday!

So on Saturday, Mat had booked a special surprise for me once he got home from work. He took me up the Shard! Honestly, to be able to see the whole of London was just phenomenal. When we got up there, the sun was just starting to set so it made it even more beautiful. While I was up there, he gave me a cute ring that has 'Moon Of My Life' engraved on it, and matches his 'My Sun And Stars' ring that he bought. Anyone who has read or watched 'Game Of Thrones' will get exactly why that is cool! We went for a lovely dinner at an Italian Restaurant nearby before heading home.

Sunday was our actual anniversary and again, Mat had arranged a lovely surprise. We went to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland! It was so much fun there. All British Bloggers, if you get a chance to go then do! There was music, markets, rides and food & drink stalls! Mat and I went on a couple of roller-coasters and ate a lot of food! As well as that we went to The Magical Ice Kingdom which was amazing! Whoever made those Ice Sculptures is extremely talented, though it was so cold in there.

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