Monday 26 January 2015

Last Week's Shenanigans (19th January - 25th January)...

My week, aside from work, has actually been quite busy! On Monday I travelled back to Ashford (originally to go to the Dentist, but changed train timetables put a stop to that) and saw my family! It was nice to see them again after a fairly long time without them and we did plenty of catching up! Before meeting my sister from school, we went to look around Ashford town centre and it was very strange to see such changes since I've been in London.

After a week of work, it was nice to spend most of Sunday relaxing! That is most, not all, because in the evening I went out with my work friends for a meal at a local Indian Restaurant, Tayyabs. It was a wonderful evening, with great company and plenty of laughs. It was also nice to be able to dress up and make an effort, as I haven't been out for dinner for a while!

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