Monday 12 January 2015

Last Week's Shenanigans (5th January - 11th January)...

As I mentioned last week, I had a pretty late night Sunday after going to the ITV Studios to watch the live recording of 'Vicious' so on Monday, Mat and I decided to stay in all day. We sat in our room and watched a ton of Studio Ghibli films! It was so nice because I adore those films and have always wanted to get Mat to watch them with me at some point. It also really got me in the mood to read 'Howl's Moving Castle'at some point (which is now, a week later, my current read).

The rest of the week I spent at work and I wasn't particularly well. We are definitely in Winter, because I got a bit of a sniffle! I decided to go in anyway and I'm sort of glad I did because I have felt worse before. On Saturday Mat went to visit his family so I was in the flat alone with one of my flat mates who came back that day. We watched some TV and chatted late into the evening before going to bed. Apart from one drunken idiot ringing our doorbell at half 3 in the morning and scaring us to death, all was well! On Sunday, Tash (the aforementioned housemate) and I went shopping in Westfield and met Mat there. I got some new jeans and pyjamas, which made me very happy. My other flat mate, Meg,came back that evening and we got to watch more 'Supernatural'!

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