Monday 9 February 2015

Last Week's Shenanigans (2nd February - 8th February)...

Having to get up early on Sunday was hard, so Monday I made sure to have a nice lay-in. In fact, Monday was very much a day to chill, and that was nice! I started to get a lot of brainstorming done regarding book ideas and it made me feel a lot better about my future as an Author too! As well as that, we watched a lot of TV and films (mostly Marvel movies), as well as playing on the Xbox One. It was so much fun!

The week of course was filled with work, which is still quiet and a little boring at times. Still, I lie my job and I'm trying hard to be positive at the moment! When I got through the week, I ended up having a rather hectic first day off. Instead of resting, I travelled down to Ashford to see my family (and make sure that I definitely got to the Dentist in time the next day). It was nice to catch up and hear about how things are going, as well as tell them the latest London stories!

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