Monday 16 February 2015

Last Week's Shenanigans (9th February - 15th February)...

This week has been quite hectic compared to previous weeks for a variety of reasons. I began the week at my parents house because I had a dentist appointment that day, and ended up being rather productive. Mat and I packed up a lot more of my stuff that was still in my house, and it felt like I was moving out all over again. It was quite sad, but a big relief at the same time. Work too was a lot better this week. It was quiet, but I ended up speaking to this lovely lady who gave me a ton of book suggestions! It turned out she was a huge Historical Fiction fan and gave me some really intriguing suggestions. I can't wait to check them out!

I had a lovely Valentines day weekend too. On Saturday, I didn't go to work (I took holiday off) and I spent the morning having a nice lay-in before getting ready for my afternoon and evening out with Mat. He still had to work so unfortunately we didn't get to spend the day together, but it was still lovely! When he got home, we went out to Leicester Square and had a look round some shops before going out to dinner at Bella Italia. The food was lovely (though it was so busy that things kept going wrong, but it was all part of the fun). After dinner, we headed back to the cinema near our flat and watched 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'! All I can say is it was an amazing film and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone thinking of going. Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson are amazing in it and I was impressed too with Taron Egerton. Fantastic performances from the cast and it would make a great series of films, I would love to see a sequel!

Sunday ended up being one of the laziest days I've had in history, but it was nice (despite a few chores) not to have to worry about getting up or going out anywhere, especially after the day before had so much of it!

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