Tuesday 24 February 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Favourite Heroines From Books'.

I feel like the recent topics for this meme have been pretty interesting and this week is no exception. Apparently they have done this topic before but I don't remember doing it, so I'll give it a go now!

1) Katniss Everdeen from 'The Hunger Games' Series.

By far one of my favourite heroines of all times, I love Katniss! She is strong from the very beginning, and both courageous and independent. Then as the books go on, we get to see a vulnerable side of her too. After all, she is just a sixteen year old girl who has been thrown into one of the most dangerous situations of all time. Her fierce will to live, skill at survival, and the determination she shows when it comes to protecting her family not only makes her a fantastic character, but serves to enhance the horror of the Games and everything they stand for.

2) Hermione Granger from the 'Harry Potter' Series.

Who cares if she isn't the main character, Hermione Granger will always be special to me. The first, and most important thing, is that she is intelligent. There are a surprisingly low amount of intelligent Heroines and Heroes in books, they tend to do at least one or two stupid things just to progress with the plot. But there is more to Hermione than just being a bookworm. She is brave, fiercely loyal and entirely relateable. I just adored reading her and she will continue to be an inspirational heroine to both young and old.

3) Cinder from 'The Lunar Chronicles'.

Having read 'Cinder' and 'Scarlet', I wanted to include both of the titular characters here. They are clever, skilled and fighters to look up to. In the end, I stick with Cinder because she was in both books and I always enjoyed reading from her POV. Her back-story is one of the most tragic and she has to go through a lot in both books, yet she perseveres and it is admirable to read. I do love Scarlet too though, both are fantastic heroines.

4) Yelena from the 'Study' Series.

Yelena is such a great heroine! Her quick-thinking in 'Poison Study' saves her life on multiple occasions, and I really liked her loyalty. It was interesting to read as her past was slowly revealed to us, and the more of it I read, the more sorry for her I felt. She's a good fighter, with a sense of humour and a likeable personality. I really rooted for her throughout the entirety of the book and her relationship with Valek is one of my favourite of all time.

5) Alanna from the 'Song Of The Lioness' Series.

If you like Mulan, you will love this book. Alanna is a great heroine because she's a strong advocate for being who you want to be and doing what you want to do. Having to live in a world where women just can't be Knights, when you so desperately want to be one, must be tough. However, that doesn't matter because Alanna is clever and manages it despite existing prejudice and obstacles that try to stop her. She's a fantastic heroine with a strong message.

6) Liesel from 'The Book Thief'.

I will never stop loving Liesel. She was such a great character to get behind, and it was interesting watching her life go by. She remains strong despite the amount of death, destruction and fear that is going on in her environment, and in her own way she rebels. There's not an awful lot that she can do to help, but she tries her hardest and I particularly loved her lack of prejudice, despite the terrible propaganda that she is being fed.

7) Serafina from the 'Waterfire Saga'.

This series gets mixed reviews, but not many will deny that Serafina is a good heroine. I've read a lot of books about princesses who do nothing but moan about the fact that they don't want to be Queen and can't handle the idea of being trapped. I've also read a lot of books on arranged royal marriages where the Heroine has a lot of negative opinions on those. In 'Deep Blue' though, Serafina has a totally different viewpoint. She is ready and willing to do all that she canto be a good leader for her people, but her only worry is that she will do it badly. And the series isn't about her trying to shun her responsibilities, but rather, learning to manage them well and be a good Queen. I love her willingness to learn from mistakes and determination to do better.

8) C├ęcile from the 'Malediction Trilogy'.

I loved 'Stolen Songbird' so much and it was mostly because of this lady. Her situation was a little unusual, but she learnt to make the best of it while never giving up on the idea of finding out how to get out pf it. Her conversations with Tristan were laugh out loud funny, and I just loved how she managed to be stubborn and independent, while caring and passionate at the same time. And was there a single reckless character decision to be seen from this lady? Of course not! She had some great qualities and I can't wait to read more of her when book two comes out (soon, please?).

9) Tris from the 'Divergent' Series.

I loved Tris because she wasn't perfect. In a lot of heroines (or even heroes) I find that they are ridiculously selfless, or kind, or brave. To the point that they become unbelievable. Here, I found that at times Tris could be a little selfish. She could also be scared or mean when she felt she had to be. That's what made her so good to read! Because I actually found her flaw to be believable, and that is very important to me in books.

10) Sophie from the 'Howl's Moving Castle' Series.

Sophie was a great heroine because you just see so much character development in her. When the story begins, she seems like nothing but a mousy, resigned, naive girl who does far too much for far too little. But when she becomes cursed and meets Howl, she becomes a strong woman who is no longer afraid to stand up to people, nor deal with their problems lightly. It was nice to see such subtle changes as the story progressed and so Sophie gets a spot on this list.

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