Thursday 19 February 2015

Life Of A Blogger: Organisation.

This topic is an interesting one for me because I love the idea of it. I like the thought of all my books arranged into Fiction & Non-Fiction sections, and alphabetical order within those. I love the idea of sorting my eye shadows into colour order. I also love the idea of my clothes being sorted properly so that I can easily find a dress or a skirt of I want to. 

The problem is, I'm not very good at it. I am a pretty lazy person, ask anyone who knows me and they will agree (especially my poor, organisation crazy boyfriend who despairs over my lack of motivation). I take ages to get things done, so often I'll have a pile of clothes on the floor that still needs putting away, or books strewn over my bedside table that I read three weeks ago. Another part of the problem is that my Flat just doesn't have the room. I don't have a library full of shelves for all my books so most are in boxes. I also don't have a room just for clothes that I can easily sort so mostly for me, clothes go where there is space. When I become a billionaire (HA!) and can afford a mansion, I'm hoping the organisational skills will get better!

I'm pretty good at organising on the computer and when it comes to writing though. Pinterest is a great example of where I have become freakishly OCD about organising my pins and labeling them correctly. Also when I used to do revision notes or plan essays, it always had to be done in a certain way. I'm even decent at organising this blog! It just goes to prove that I can do it when I try, I just need to apply this skill in the real world. I can do that, right?

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