Tuesday 17 February 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Book Related Problems I Have'.

This is an interesting topic! I think everyone who reads can relate to some of these because I've seen so many readers complain about them. I saw a Tag recently going around on the exact same issue too so it seems to be a popular subject at the moment!

1) Wanting to read too many books at once.

This one is a serious issue for me. Every day I'm on Goodreads and I find at least 5 or 10 new books that I want to read. Alongside that, I have a good 40 sitting on my TBR pile that I'm staring longingly at, and I can only really get through one at a time. It's especially annoying if the book I'm currently reading isn't really grabbing me, because I want to move onto the next one so badly! Unfortunately I'm not superhuman so I'll just have to keep plodding through.

2) Covers that don't match really upset me.

Here's the thing. Once I have bought the first book in a series, I have to buy the sequels or related books with matching covers. In some cases, this isn't possible and I spend a long time debating over whether to leave the book until I can get the right cover, or go ahead and buy it because I really do need to read it ASAP. If I fall in love with a cover, and then someone buys me a book I'm after with a different one, it's sometimes really hard to keep that slight hint of disappointment out of my voice. It makes me feel like a really bad person, but it's a really important issue to me!

3) Hating a book that everyone loves.

I'm sure that it has happened to all of us. You hear that everyone is totally hyping up a certain book, all your favourite bloggers have given it 5 star reviews, and you just can't wait to get your hands on it. When that fateful moment arrives you eagerly get stuck in only to find that it's...just mediocre. Sometimes, it might even be one of the worst books you've ever read. When this happens I normally feel like it's a problem with me for quite a while, but sometimes the book has so many glaring problems that it can't just be me. Then of course, writing the review for it is the most stressful experience...

4) Reading a sequel, when you read the book(s) prior ages ago.

This one is something I do a lot. It leaves me with such a dilemma too because often I've forgotten the events in the previous book and I feel like I should reread it, but then I can't because I have so many other books to read that re-reading feels like a waste of reading time! Often what that means is that the sequel I have to read just gets pushed further and further away while I figure out what to do. Notable examples for me include 'Inheritance' by Christopher Paolini and 'The Wise Man's Fear' by Patrick Rothfuss.

5) Constantly buying/requesting books.

I have a TBR pile the height of Mount Everest, and yet I can't stop buying and adding to the list. Netgalley is a dangerous tool as well. I'm so behind on reading those and yet for everyone I complete, I request four more. What is wrong with me?! I think the problem is that for me, there is nothing like the feel of a brand new book in your hands that looks like it's going to be really good, and that totally trumps the guilt that comes with it.

6) Taking part in Book Challenges.

I'll be honest, if it looks like I'm not going to complete a challenge, I sort of freak out. I always have to remain ahead of schedule on my Goodreads reading challenge, Monthly Motifs & Key Words have to be read every month, and it took me ages to get used to the idea that I'm not supposed to complete every square for Bookish Bingo. Don't get me wrong, I do have fun doing them! But I need to remember not to pressure myself too much.

7) I have so little time to myself now.

When I started this blog I was at University. I only worked a few hours a week, my Uni hours were pretty meager and I had a lot of time to myself. Now? I work full time. When I have days off, I'm totally knackered, or have a ton of things to do, and reading is simply not something I have a whole lot of time for. It's a serious problem for me, but one I'm learning to manage better now.

8) Lack of space.

Again, because I've moved, I no longer have a ton of bookshelves. There is no room in my flat for them. This means that I have a load of boxes full of books under the bed and no room for books anymore. It makes me sad and I'm trying to buy Kindle copies of the books I want to read instead, but I miss paperbacks and hardcovers! I really ought to make use of the Library more...

9) Missing conversations while reading.

Readers. Have you ever been reading while your friends are talking, then you get this sudden feeling that everything is quieter and you look up and they're all starring at you and smiling? And then when you say 'Huh?' because you feel like you missed something big, they all burst out laughing? The first time it's funny. The hundredth, it's annoying. Either actually have something to say or let me read in peace!

10) Watching Film/Movie adaptions.

The problem for me is not reading a book then being disappointed with it's movie adaption. For some reason, I can keep the two seperate in my head and still love the movie, even if they are completely different (though I will get the occasional pang of disappointment if I was looking forward to a certain scene and then it doesn't happen). However if I read and love the film first then get into the book? I often find myself really disappointed with the book. I guess it's because I expect to love the source material more, and I just don't. It makes me feel like an awful book reader too!

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