Thursday 31 December 2015

My 2016 Challenge Sign-Up Post!

Okay, so I'm getting this done early because there are so many good challenges running next year and I've got pretty excited about them all. Once again, they aren't just about having fun. but about helping me to organise my reading schedule more efficiently. Top priorities next year will include finishing all the great series that I have started, getting through more Netgalley/Edelweiss reads, and finding a balance between reading new releases and getting through my older TBR list. Click the pictures to sign up yourself!

My first challenge is a challenge I entered last year, the 2016 'Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge'.

One of my focuses, as I said before, is reading more of my Netgalley/Edelweiss reads. This challenge, hosted by Falling For YA helped me out massively to achieve that and as soon as I saw it running again this year I knew I had to enter! I am so excited to read more ARCs and make my way through the fairly large pile of Galleys I have sitting and waiting for me. I highly recommend it!

I am aiming for Silver - 25 Books, which is about what I achieved last year.

Challenge number two, another one I entered last year! The 2016 'Prequel/Sequel Challenge'!

Finishing the huge number of series that I've started is a really big priority this year too. Especially as I plan on starting so many more. I don't want to get overwhelmed by the huge number that I have to get through so this challenge hosted by Novel Heartbeat and Writer Grrl Reads will help me to see them through until the end! I loved the point scoring system they had going on last year too!

Seeing as I managed Amateur level last year, I am aiming for 51 - 75 Points (Advanced).

Third on the list is the 2016 'Backlist Books Challenge'.

Last year I was a little too late to enter a proper TBR challenge, but it is important to be making a lot of headway through older books rather than just reading brand new ones. Hosted by Pretty Deadly Reviews (which incidentally also hosts the Bookish Bingo challenges I love), and there's a lot of scope here as the book must have been published a year or more before the day you read it. I can't wait to get through some of the huge crates of books sitting under my bed (that's literal by the way).

There are no levels for this challenge!

Next up is on the opposite end of the scale: the 2016 'New Release Challenge'.

Hosted by (Un)Conventional Book Reviews this is actually a challenge that I haven't really considered before. Normally I spend quite a lot of time catching up and don't read a huge amount of new releases. That's all about to change because this challenge I'm hoping will get me reading more things that actually come out this year!

I am aiming for 16-30 Books (New Release Pro).

The 2016 'Retelling Challenge' is one I am really looking forward to!

This is, as stated at the host website The Daily Prophecy, a stress-free challenge! I really wanted to enter one that I knew I could do well at, and I thought this would be ideal because I love retellings more than anything else! They are my favourite books to read and I normally get through one or two a month at least! It's nice to enter a challenge that I know I won't have to put a whole lot of work into, but is still exciting.

I am aiming for 21 - 25 Books (Kuma Lisa).

I didn't want to do many categorised challenges this year: I have enough on my plate with Bookish Bingo and the Story Sprites cards! But I really enjoy the 'Monthly Motif' and 'Key Words' Challenges immensely and I really didn't want to let those go.

You may have noticed that the motifs are looking completely different, both from last year and each other! That's because the two challenges are being hosted by two completely separate Blogs this year!  The 'Monthly Motif' Challenge will be hosted by GirlXOXO and the 'Key Words' Challenge by My Soul Called Life.

And that rounds off my challenge sign-up post this month! I'm incredibly excited for all of these challenges and can't wait to get started!

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