Sunday 20 December 2015

The One Lovely Blog Award!

I've seen this award floating around the Blogosphere from time to time, but never imagined that I would be nominated. Thank you so much Zhana from Confessions Of An Addict for nominating me! I feel like I've been getting a little lazy with this blog as of late and so I'm working really hard to come up with a lot more fun things for you guys to enjoy! It's nice to receive recognition for what I have managed so far!

The rules for this awards are as follows:

- Thank the Blogger who nominated you.
- List the rules.
- Give seven facts about yourself.
- Nominate fifteen other Bloggers for the award and make sure to notify them.

- Display the award button on your blog.
- Follow the Blogger that nominated you.

So I guess it's time to list those seven facts!

1) I live in London. This fact has actually only been true for just over a year, as I moved here in September 2014. I was a little worried about moving to a City to begin with (I came from a town in Kent, which is definitely nowhere near the hustle and bustle of London. As a rule I like the peace and quiet.) but luckily I grew to really enjoy it. There's so much to see and do!

2) I spent most of my life wanting to be an Actress. When I first went to Grammar School and got involved in the end of year production, I loved it! My dream, for a very long time, was to be in West End musicals and perform in some of my favourite productions in front of millions. I event studied Performing Arts at University and it was there that I realised my passion for writing far outweighed my love of performing. I do still love singing and acting though!

3) I have never owned a dog or a cat. I love them both actually and wouldn't say I was particularly inclined towards one or the other, but unfortunately my Dad is quite seriously allergic to dog and cat fur meaning that in order to own one, we would probably have to hoover two or three times a day. Obviously that's not  feasible. We used to cat-sit for my Grandparents while they went on holiday and Smudge, their cat, was the closest thing I had to my very own. We also had Guinea Pigs and Gerbils at various points in our lives, so weren't completely deprived of little critters.

4) My favourite songs to listen to are Film Score tracks. I listen to quite a wide range of genres when it comes to music. I love Rock, Folk, Indie, Metal, even a little bit of Pop from time to time. But the thing I am in the mood for most of the time is the music composed to play in the background of films. I'm a huge fan of Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, John Williams, James Newton Howard, Murray Gold and Alexandre Desplat to name but a few. When listening to those soundtracks I often know exactly where they play in the films and have spoiled story-lines for myself by knowing when a particular character's 'theme' is playing so realising they are about to appear or are behind a particular action. Whoops!

5) I am allergic to the air. 'Uhh what?' is what some of you might be thinking but a real life Doctor has actually said this to me and I'm afraid to say I have plenty of evidence and experience to prove it. Not seriously allergic of course, I just have extremely sensitive sinuses that can't handle most of the things I breathe in: dust, pollen, pollution, dirt, etc. I end up with pretty severe hay fever-like symptoms all year round. Luckily I have the miracles of modern medicine on my side which means daily medication helps me to lead a relatively normal life...most of the time.

6) I am a terrible procrastinator. The fact that I write a blog would perhaps suggest otherwise, but the reason that I write this blog is actually to try and make myself better at this. I'm far too adept at putting things off and leaving them until the last minute, and am easily distracted by menial things. I've said before that I've gotten a bit lazy with this blog and really because I'm a procrastinator! One of my new year's resolutions will definitely be to put a stop to it once and for all.

7) My dream destination is Japan. I think everyone, even those who want to see it all, has one particular place they would love to visit. Mine is Japan. I love the culture, think most places there look absolutely stunning and am obsessed with the idea of visiting places like the Studio Ghibli Museum and the Fox Village or going to a Festival! It is of course on the list of places that Mat and I plan to go at some point in the future, but I have very little idea as to when that will be! Hopefully one day soon!

I'm probably not going to nominate fifteen people to do this as that would take me a while, but I'll nominate a few Bloggers whose posts I enjoy reading a lot!

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