Monday 8 February 2016

Last Week's Shenanigans (1st February - 7th February)...

This week has felt very long in my opinion. I didn't do a whole lot with my day off on Monday because I was so tired from the week before, and then I worked from Tuesday to Saturday. The weather has been a bit weird as the week has gone by, there's been a pretty horrendous amount of rain and wind. I'm pretty sure I haven't told you guys yet, but Mat and I have officially booked a trip to Amsterdam at the end of February and I'm so excited for a mini-holiday. It's apparently a very beautiful city with plenty to see and do, so I'm excited to be going!

After my week of work, I had a very fun and productive Sunday. I actually spent the morning doing some writing! I haven't sat down and written anything for a long time, but it gave me such a glorious feeling that I really must get into the habit of doing it more often. My aim is at least once or twice a week! In the afternoon, I went to meet up with a friend of mine whom I went to Uni with, and we had a catch-up over lunch in Covent Garden. The weather was a little dreary but Covent Garden is one of the few places that can be enjoyed no matter how much rain there is! I took her to Le Pain Quotidien, where I've previously been and loved with Mat, and I ate a gorgeous cheese croissant and a pain au chocolat, accompanied by raspberry lemonade and chocolate steamed milk. I thoroughly recommend the place particularly if you like organic food. A quick nose around some shops and the Disney Store bought an end to our glorious time out together.

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- 'The Dead House' by Dawn Kurtagich: Approved by Netgalley (01/02)
- 'Storm Siren' by Mary Weber: Approved by Netgalley (04/02)


Six Degrees Of Separation (YA Edition): Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone; J.K. Rowling

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