Tuesday 1 July 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 01/07/2014: I have passed my Degree!

Today has been quite a day and I'm both really happy and totally exhausted all at once! To start with, I spent the morning typing out my Planned Reads For July post and my Top Ten Tuesday list this week! Both were a lot of fun to make and while I did that, I got ready for work in the afternoon. My shift went quickly but I had so many jobs to do and so I ended up getting a little stressed out. But when it was over, I got home and received some of the best news of my life! I have officially passed my BA Hons Degree in Performing Arts. In fact I've done more than just pass. I received a First Class Degree! I am immensely relieved that all the hard work and stress has turned into such a good result and I'm actually really proud of myself (I don't often say that). I drove over to Mat's and spent the evening at his, which was really good and a lot of fun after such a stressful day turning into a really good one!

Tomorrow I'm seeing my friends Rosie and Imogen again and we plan to spend a really good day together. I've seen them both fairly recently I suppose, but have missed them immensely! I can't wait to catch up with them and hang out like we used to! I plan to really make good progress on Divergent too, in order to have a review up soonish!

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