Tuesday 1 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Classics I Would Love To Read'.

When this topic came up, it was immediately clear to me that I haven't read very many books that come under the topic 'Classics'. A few, but not many. Therefore, this list is going to be of books that I have always wanted to read but have never got round to!

1) 'Jane Eyre'; Charlotte Brontë.

So my first pick is definitely one that I probably should have read by now. In fact, this whole list should probably be called 'books I really should have read by now'. I saw the newest version of the film a couple of years ago and really liked the plot and the characters but for some reason (despite it being Mat's favourite) I haven't actually read it yet! In fact I've not read a single Brontë book as of yet. Eek! 

2) 'Lord Of The Flies'; William Golding.

My sister actually acquired this book to read pretty recently, and I might nab it from her this month if I get a chance. 'Lord Of The Flies' looks like such a good, if slightly strange, story about a group of young boys marooned on an Island who slowly turn feral. Yes, I know the plot pretty well because a lot of people like my Dad have raved about it in the past. Why have I not read it yet? I've no idea!

3) 'War Of The Worlds'; H.G.Wells.

The plot for 'War Of The Worlds' has always been an intriguing one to me! I've watched a movie adaption or two (and enjoyed them...to an extent) but the thing that really got me into this was Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of 'The War Of The Worlds'. Seriously, I could listen to that adaption for hours, it's so good! After listening to it, I really wanted to read the book but haven't got round to getting a copy yet!

4) 'The Picture Of Dorian Gray'; Oscar Wilde.

Has anybody ever watched 'The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen'? That is where I first heard of Dorian Gray and I thought he was a really intriguing character. He stayed eternally young because a portrait grew old for him instead? Cool! I'm a bit of a fan of Classics that involve a pinch of the Supernatural, and this synopsis reminds me a lot of 'Dr. Faustus', a play that I love! Yes please to reading this one!

5) 'The Phantom Of The Opera'; Gaston Leroux.

I love this musical so much. It has always been one of my favourites, ever since I was very young, and when I finally got to see it recently I actually cried. But I have never got round to reading the book! I would actually be really interested to, it looks like a good one and I would love to see how the story differed from the Musical and Movie adaptions. Yes, this is definitely high on the list.

6) 'The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde'; Robert Louis Stevenson.

Yet another one of those classic story ideas that was introduced to me through the media of film. I saw it in 'The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen' (again!) and 'Van Helsing' and there is also a musical adaption of this story. Let's not forget that even Marvel Comics have been influenced by this classic (Hulk, anyone?). But I have never read the book and this honestly needs to change!

7) 'The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame'; Victor Hugo.

I feel like all of these picks have a dash of creepy, horror or Gothic style about them. That just goes to show the style of classics I enjoy reading I suppose! This one is no exception. I've seen and loved the Disney version of this story, and would really love to read the book. Yes, I'm aware that the two are very different things but I would still be interested to see what those differences actually are!

8) 'Great Expectations'; Charles Dickens.

I watched and liked the newest film version of this a lot. I thought Miss Havisham in particular was a great character! To be honest, I've never read a Charles Dickens book and this looks like a really good one to start with! There's something slightly creepy about this love story, and I would be interested to see what the book is like and get into reading a bit of Dickens!

9) 'Animal Farm'; George Orwell.

So this seems a little out of place on this list perhaps, but too many people have told me how good it is for me to ignore! I would love to get round to reading this book. I read '1984' by George Orwell a while back and really enjoyed it! I have heard from some people that this book is even better! I love the political undertones it looks like it has, and my Mum has recommended it to me countless times!

10) 'A Study In Scarlet'; Arthur Conan Doyle.

I love Sherlock Holmes. The movies starring Robert Downey Jr. were great, and the TV series 'Sherlock', with Benedict Cumberbatch, even better! But the closest I've got to reading the books is a short extract from 'The Speckled Band' in an English class once. It doesn't count, though it was really good and I've wanted to get into the stories ever since! After doing a teeny bit of research, this looks like the place to start!

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