Monday 28 July 2014

Last Week's Shenanigans: My Holiday in Llangollen!

So as you can see I'm planning to format this blog a little differently from now on. I will no longer be doing daily posts, instead I'll have weekly updates so that things don't become too repetitive or boring. This post will cover my Holiday and just after I got back. I didn't get to deal with my holiday pictures yet, so I'll have to add those at some point!

Saturday 19th - So this was the day after we arrived in Llangollen (for which I did a daily post) and my first proper full day there. We decided to explore the surrounding area a bit and so went to Llangollen town. It was a lovely place with plenty of shops, a beautiful river and some wonderful views. We had a cup of tea, bought some fudge and then headed to a local aqueduct. It was gorgeous and we got to feed some ducks and go for a walk before heading back to the lodge. It was a good thing too, as not long after we returned, the dreaded storm hit. We watched Rise Of The Guardians (one of my favourite recent animated films) and then not long after, the power went. It stayed off for the rest of the evening so we decided to call it a night!
Sunday 20th - We went back to Llangollen and this time visited the Railway, a local, popular attraction. We stopped at three stations on the train all of which provided some nice views, though there wasn't a huge amount to see. We were also a little disappointed as we were led to believe that the train would also stop at Corwen, but instead it rested at the stop before for about an hour, then headed back. As we arrived back earlier than expected, we looked round Llangollen a little longer before heading back to the lodge. In the evening, we decided to walk and climb a nearby hill that had some Castle ruins at the top. It was an exhausting climb, but the views we got from there were just stunning.
 Monday 21st - On Monday, we drove out to Mount Snowdon! We decided not do attempt the six-hour climb, and cheated instead by taking the train. When we reached the summit, our hill walk from the day before rather paled in comparison, the view was gorgeous (if a little dizzying)! We didn't get to stay long though before the train back down. Mat and I bought some souvenirs, a Dragon ornament for him (red, of course) and a sheep for me! After ascending Mount Snowdon, we stopped at a couple of places to take pictures and have a picnic, then went to a nearby Forest for a walk. We were pretty lucky with the weather (storm aside) for the entire week, as the temperature just rose as the days went by. After our forest walk, we visited the Swallow Falls (stunning!) then headed back to the lodge to watch 'Shrek'.
 Tuesday 22nd - Tuesday was our 'go out and do lots' day. We stopped off in Llangollen first as there was a small market, and we wanted to have a look. I found the book stand very quickly, but nothing really caught my eye. We then went to 'The Original Butterfly Man', a company that makes those butterflies that you find on the walls of some houses. We didn't stop there long, but Mat's Mum did buy a couple. Next we went to a place called 'The Glassblobbery' and I liked this a lot more! The man that ran it was very friendly with a sense of humour, and even gave a glass blowing demonstration. As he asked us what he should make, and picked my suggestion of a fox, I bought it straight away. It was so expertly done and after it has been coloured, it's going to be sent to me! We also went to a nearby village (Bets-wy Coed) to look at the shops, a Chocolate House, and a Pottery. We stopped off at a beautiful place named 'Fairy Glen', and it was aptly named I can tell you. When we arrived back, we watched 'The Bee Movie'.
Wednesday 23rd - We dedicated this day to visit Manchester! Mat's family went off to the Old Trafford stadium (they are huge Manchester United fans), while Mat and I spent our day shopping at the 'Intu Trafford Centre'. It was such an amazing place, more like a Theme Park than a Shopping Centre. I bought some clothes from Next and H&M, but more importantly, I purchased some books! One fits into a Bookish Bingo category perfectly, 'Dancing In The Dark' by P.R. Prendergast (it had a beautiful cover, and only cost me £1!) and a signed edition of Jessie Burton's 'The Miniaturist' which looks amazing. We had lunch at Giraffe, and then returned to Llangollen to watch 'Epic', then play cards!
Thursday 24th - Making the most of the good weather, we travelled to the North Coast of Wales. Our first stop was Conwy, a quaint little village that was full of shops, had a castle and a little port to visit. We then headed Llandudno, a wonderful seaside town with a beach and a pier. It was probably my favourite stop as there were plenty of little stalls and shops to look in, and a local Birds Trust had brought some beautiful Owls and Falcons along for the day, that the public could stroke and admire. I have never been so close to such beautiful creatures before and I was amazed. Our last stop saw us having an ice cream before heading back towards Llangollen. On our way, we quickly stopped at Valle Crucis Abbey for photos.
Friday 25th - The last full day of our holiday,we decided to have a lovely lay-in, before heading out to Llangollen for some last minute shopping and gift buying. Mat's family dropped us into town, and headed off to do other things. I bought Fudge for Dad, Tea for Mum and some scented candles for Bev! I also may have gone a little over the top in the book department. You see, Llangollen is home to a lovely bookshop and Cafe that just had a huge selection of titles and there was a sale on! From there, I purchased 'Interview With A Vampire' (Anne Rice) and 'Shiver' (Maggie Stiefvater). Mat also got a lovely leather-bound copy of Wuthering Heights, and three immaculate volumes of poetry. I also bought (from a Charity Shop called Hope House) Robin Hobb's entire Tawny Man Trilogy, which I thoroughly look forward to reading! Mat and I then went to the nearby river to feed the ducks and it was honestly so nice to just spend time with him for a while, messing about and having fun. Mat's family rejoined us in the afternoon and we played Crazy Golf before going back and packing ready for the next day.
Saturday 26th - Our holiday had come to an end, and we left pretty early in the morning. The journey back to Mat's actually went fairly quickly, which I was glad of because I hate long car journeys. We did a bit of suitcase swapping and unpacking, and then watched the Formula One before I drove home absolutely exhausted. When I got home, I chatted to my parents and sister about my holiday, and then we later sat down to play some cards. I'd missed them a lot, especially my sister, so it was nice to do something together! I was so shattered though, I didn't do an awful lot else!

Sunday 27th - Despite being my first day back in England,it was still a busy one! I finished 'Queen Of The Tearling', and reviewed it. I also went shopping in the morning with my sister, before heading to Mat's for food and a nice afternoon in. There was a music festival going on that we considered going to, but I'm glad we didn't because it poured it down! We then drove later, in the torrential rain, and Mat dropped me off for a buffet at for Imogen's birthday! I got her a copy of 'Divergent' and 'Daughter Of Smoke & Bone' (excellent choices, I'm sure you'll all agree) as a present and managed to catch up with a couple of friends I hadn't seen in a while! I had a really lovely time and my friend dropped me home which was nice of her.

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