Saturday 12 July 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 12/07/2014: My first ever Blog Tour Post and Giveaway!

Today marks a pretty special day for my blog guys. I took part in Vanessa Morton's Blog Tour for her debut novel, 'Moonfall'. I really enjoyed the book, so I've been looking forward to posting my review for it. As well as that, the post included my first Author Interview and first Giveaway too! That's a lot of firsts! It has been so much fun taking part, thank you to all those involved for letting me be part of the tour. If you're interested learning more (particularly about the Giveaway for a free book) then follow this link. After all that, I had work which was pretty stressful, but it went fairly quickly I suppose. Mat came over for an hour or so before heading to a friends, and he brought me a present of some chocolate-filled croissants because he knew I'd had a hectic day. It was such a nice gesture that it instantly made me feel ten times better.

Tomorrow I have work (again) and a Weekly Wishlist to upload. Hooray! For now though, time for bed.

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